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Night Hawk Journeys World Nightlife Guide:                                      Nighthawk journeys is renowned as the best world nightlife travel guide. It is dedicated to nightlife from all over the world and is the largest online guide for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, live music, festivals and every other nightlife event, from Paris and London to Angeles City & Pattaya from the Greek islands to South America. Nighthawk is a way of leaving, It's all here Alcohol, Bars, nightclubs and sexy girls. Read here more about The Author.


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Walking Street
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Koh Chang
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Kuala Lumpur China Town
Kuala Lumpur
China Town
Plaza de Armas At Night
Chile And Bolivia
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Thai Islands
Thai Islands
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             In addition to our exclusive nightlife videos, and photos we give you lots of bonus photos and videos.

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Nude thai girls sexy girls

   Rio - Fortaleza - Salvador - Florianopolis  

Brazilians knows how to party. Brazil Nightlife is one of the most famous all over the world. Nighthawk is going there, Rio De Janeiro, Florianopolis, Fortaleza and  Salvador and capture all  the bars, Restaurants, clubs, street parties, sexy Brazilians girls and more. The only real nightlife sex guide about Brazil. To the most great Cities and places.



Nude Thai
Brazil Sex Guide




World Sex Guide Angeles City, Go Go bars World Sex Guide


Manila - One of the most famous things in Manila is the nightlife there are several pubs, clubs, and Go Go bars around Ermita, Pasay, edsa and Makati. >There are two main Manila Go Go areas. More...

Angeles City - Is The City Of Angels The Night Hawk Is There For A Second Time And Is Capture All Of The Bars And Go Go Bars In Balibago. Including The 30 Min Travel Movie: Angeles The City Of Angels.


Travelers Sex Guide
Nude Filipina, international sex destinations
Angeles City, Go Go Clubs Balibago Sexy girls, Angeles City nightlife, Go Go Manila



            ThailandNight Hawk Journeys
Walking Street, Asia Girls, Thai Bar Girls, Pratounam, models Sex Guide


Bangkok - From Nana Plaza Girls, To Patpong Go Go   Clubs And To Pratunam Discos, All About Bangkok.

Pattaya - Pattaya nightlife is one of the most vibrate all over Thailand From Walking Street To Soi  - 2  - 6 - 7  - 8  - 9  Including The One Hour Travel Movie From The Night Hawk Journeys. With New Updates And A Lot Of Sexy Girls.

Thai Islands  - The Exotic Islands Of Thailand With Beach Parties Almost Every Day. The Nighthawk Is There And Capture All About The Thai Islands 

World Sex Guide, international sex destinations
sexy girls Bangkok, Pattaya, discos, clubs Bangkok, Pattaya Bangkok, Pattaya



Bali Sex Guide


Batam  -  One of the best things in Batam is the nightlife  girls from all Indonesia they come here for a better life, Nangoya have a lot of pubs, bars and karaoke the best discos that come to life after dark is Planet, Pacific, Sphinx, Hollywood and Ozone.

Bali -  Bali's nightlife is becoming more and more famous and is a mix of local beach boys local prostitutes and tourist that they visit Bali. One of the preferred areas to experience the true essence of nightlife in Bali in Indonesia is the Kuta-Legian which has a lot of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs is where 80% of the action is. More...

Bali, Kuta, Kuta Legian, bali sexy girls Bali At Night Butterfly


Travelers Sex Guide
            ARGENTINANight Hawk Journeys
Brazil Sex Guide
Nude thai girls sexy girls

 Buenos Aires - Mendoza 

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires has a reputation as a party city and is Worldwide Famous for its nightlife, glamourous restaurants, trendy nightclubs and fashionable bars. Palermo is the capital of BA nightlife and the edge of it is home to several large clubs. More...

Mendoza - Nightlife in Argentina is well known worldwide and Mendoza is no exception. Mendoza is famous for wine and for the most beautiful girls in south America. More...


Nude Thai
Brazil Sex Guide
Buenos Aires Nightlife, Buenos Aires Nightlife Guide, Palermo, clubs, bars Sexy Girls Plaza Sexy Girls




Hong Kong Sex Guide


Hong Kong - is The ‘City of nightlife’. Nightlife   in Hong Kong includes restaurants, pubs, discotheques, karaoke and features bars, In Tsim Sha Tsui the streets are all a-buzz with shops, busy bars, packed cinemas and interesting restaurants. Most of the travelers they prefer Wan Chai. More...

Macau - One of the best way to enjoin Macau nightlife is the casinos  which stay open 24 hours a day. Macau evenings offers famous high-profile entertainers, Portuguese folk dancing, disc jockey bars and live dance bands More...

macau casinos Macao At Night Macau


               Night Hawk Journeys
Sex Guide


Lima - Lima have one of the most vibrate nightlife in South America and Lima nightlife scene spreads to almost every area of town. Some of the most cool places to hang out in Lima after dark are located in the district of Miraflores, downtown and Barranco. More...

Cusco - Many of the visitors come to Peru thing that all of the nightlife action is on Lima, but when they visit Cusco they surprise with the numerous bars and clubs that are around the Plaza de Armas, San Blas or Plaza Regocijo More...



Orchid Road - China Town - Sentosa Island Sex Guide


Singapore  -  is the city that never sleep there are different enough bars, pubs and discos for all tastes, some of the areas that come live after dark is the tanzone bagar area the mohament soultan road the boat kouait and the pasir pagank village. More...

Working Girls  singapore nightlife Sentosa




Sihanouk Village World Sex Guide


Sihanouk Village - All of the tourist nightlife action is on victory hill Serendipity Beach and downtown that is Several girly bars that at least a couple of them staying open all night. More...

Phnom Penh - is Famous for some of the seediest nightlife in all of Southeast Asia. Phnom Penh has vibrant nightlife offering a wide range of evening venues. More...



Cambodia, international sex destinations
cambodia cambodia bars




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