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Greek Food In Pattaya: Acropolis Restaurant

ACRPOLIS PATTAYA GREEK RESTAURANT NEW Update: Acropolis Greek restaurant changed location ones again. This time in a really shop with very beautiful view and clean environment. The new location is on Soi buakhao market next to Tony’s Gym.



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Update: Acropolis Souvlaki is now changed in to a mini open-air restaurant. The atmosphere is great and it is a really Greek corner in the middle of Pattaya soi buakhao. The entrance its exactly across the road from the entrance to Diana estate. (kind of half way between Dragon Bar and Pook Bar). The new menu of Acropolis restaurant has it all, Moussaka, Souvlaki, Spaghetti Greek Style, Dolmadakia, Giouvarlakia, Greek Salad, Ouzo and more…

Acropolis souvlaki in Pattaya is like a small oasis for people that like Greek food. I seem to recall someone asking about Greek Food in Pattaya. I suppose this one is a start. So what exactly is a Greek Souvlaki? Firstly, it is a long skewer with tender pieces of pork and / or chicken. Souvlaki portion is include 4 sticks of chicken or pork, traditional Greek Pitta Bread, covered with fresh Tzatziki, tomato slices, plus fried potato chips as a finishing touch…. Read more…