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Pattaya Beach Is Full Of Rats

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Pattaya beach is more dirty than ever! It was bad enough with all the rubbish and the smell on every corner, but with rats is even worst! I’m laughing with new tourists when they ask me if it’s okay to swim in Pattaya beach? I don’t understand, now that Thais want to bring more social tourism in Pattaya they make everything to send them away! I mean honestly, before there were only sex tourists here, but this year I see also many couples and social tourists. Also today there are so many Indians on the beach road that it looks like Ganges River! Read more…

Fire At Phuket Tiger Club Four People Dead

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Fire At Phuket Tiger Club Four People Dead: Four people were killed in a fire that swept through the popular Phuket tiger club on Friday morning. Eleven others are being treated in the same hospital – seven Thais and four Frenchmen. I was told this story in Pattaya by a Greek survivor that he was in Phuket Tiger club, with ten other friends, the day the accident happened. They were having a great time and the place was full of people. About 4 o’clock a very strong tropical storm hit PhuketRead more…

How Is Pattaya In Low Rainy Season?

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How Is Pattaya In Low Rainy Season Nightlife NewsHow is Pattaya in low rainy season? Pattaya is a party town, a place where men enjoy themselves. But Pattaya is getting lower and lower every high season! Especially this year was one of the worst! Not only because of the Global crisis, but also because of the euro-cup and the Olympic games of 2012. People that have restaurants and bars complain about the crisis. The only good thing is that is more girls than ever. The weather is fine, not so much rain as other seasons, but we don’t know what September can bring! Even in low season temperatures can still reach 30 degrees Celsius, the beaches and bars will be less busy, hotels and accommodation is cheaper, and the bar girls are even more eager to grab your attention! Low season is good to take advantage of the low season prices, and competition of other tourists.