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Pattaya Soi Six Or Soi Yodsak: Bars On Soi 6

Pattaya Soi Six: Bars On Soi 6The famous short time street in Pattaya! Soi six is one of the most extreme streets of Pattaya. It’s also known as Soi yodsak, with open-air beer bars, sports bars and a few gogo bars! Like anything else in Pattaya soi six used to be better, but anyway it is still one of the best place to see the action of Pattaya sex city! The main reason that so many guys visit soi six, is the short time beer barsRead more…

Russian Girls In Pattaya: Where To Find Russian Women In Pattaya

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Pattaya Russian GirlsSome people asked me where to find Russian women in Pattaya, so I decide to make an article about it. You can find many Russian girls in Pattaya, normal girls and prostitutes! If you have time during your holidays go for normal girls. There are many girls from Russia that come for tourism in Pattaya and looking for action.

If you want cheap Russian prostitutes, you must start from the beach road, where is some Russian girls that take 1000/1500 baht for a short time, but it’s not so usual to find them. There are also two Russian night clubs (A Gogo) on walking street, the Galaxy Cabaret and Moulin Rouge, with European dancers… Read more…

10 Most Weird Things About Thai Girls

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In this article we will talk about the 10 most weird things about Thai girls!

10 Most Weird Things About Thai Girls and Tips1) Thai Girls Lie Without Reason:
Why that happens? Every time that I had a long time relationship with a Thai girl, sooner or later I found out that she told me lies for insignificant things or even without a reason. Is it something about Thai culture? Or is it a common bar-girl habit?
2) Skin Complexion:
One of the most weirdest things about Thai girls is their skin energy. Sometimes when you touch them you don’t want to take your hands away. Especially when you sleep with them is very hard to not touch them.
3) She Is My Sister:
Most of the time she is not. You will listen 100s of times, when a girl wants to introduce her a friend to you, she says “This is my sister” But most of times she means “she is a very good friend.” I have heard so many times people that told me “I slept with two sister last night”, but in fact they were only friends! Read more…

Pattaya Windmill Club Agogo

Pattaya Windmill Club Agogo Nightlife TipsPattaya Windmill club Agogo… sex sex sex. One of the wildest gogo I’ve ever seen in Pattaya! Inside the Pattaya Windmill club Agogo there were two “play stage” areas. Spa and banana shows were happening all night. It’s open from 7pm to 3am and have consistently been one of the top gogo bars in Pattaya city since 2004. Windmill girls are not great looking, but they are friendly and wild. If you want to buy a drink for a lady it costs 120 THB… Read more…