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Pattaya Loy Krathong 2015: Loi Krathong Festival In Pattaya

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Pattaya-Loy-Krathong-2015-Loi-Krathong-Festival-In-PattayaPattaya Loy Krathong 2015: One of the best places to celebrate loy Krathong it’s Pattaya. Everything is ready for Loy Krathong again this year in Pattaya, this time it is on NovemberĀ 25 2015Read more… »

Love Is A Chemical Reaction? Sex Without Condom Can I Following In Love?

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Chemical Reaction Of LoveSex without condom can make you following in love? This is something that doctors and scientists will never tell you, but yes, it happens to me many times and to many other males as well! Every time that I have a relationship and I don’t use condom IĀ  following in love easier! I made a research and I ask many other guys from many countries and most of them they told me that they have the same results when they having a sex without condom… Read more… »

Tiger Disco Club Phuket Patong

Tiger Disco Club Phuket Patong EntranceTiger disco club Phuket Patong: For those who don’t know a new Disco Tiger has opened just opposite of the old. It is made on the same concept but its at least four times bigger. Designed like a colourful and rather bizarre cave. TigerĀ disco club offering nightly entertainment at the biggest discotheque in Phuket. Always on the first floor but this time free admission. The program begins with a rock group. As soon as we go inwards there are the known staircase that lead to the upper tier where there are billiards like the Chang Club style. It is usually packed most nights of the week… Read more… »