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Lucifer Disko Pattaya: Lucifer Nightclub Girls and Prices

New Lucifer Disko Pattaya, Lucifer Nightclub Girls and PricesIt is one of the largest discotheques in Pattaya. Lucifer has a lot of history in Pattaya walking street, as it was the third best and successful club in Pattaya after Marine and Tony’s Discos. The club was closed for renovation, but today has reopen with a new style and a lot of possibilities. Read more…

Are Smoking Cigars Better than Cigarettes? Benefits of Smoking Cigars

Published by night-hawk under Pleasure and Hedonism.

Are Smoking Cigars Better than Cigarettes, Benefits of Smoking cigarsWe all, as pleasure seekers we had moments that some people offered cigars to us. As s good evening, a celebration or a party sometimes starts with a fine cigar!! So, is really so bad for us, that we have to avoid this pleasure at all costs? Or is just fine to smoke a cigar once in awhile?

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