Amsterdam And Den Haag Red Light Districts

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Amsterdam-or-Red-Light-DistrictsA red light district is a neighborhood or a part of a neighborhood where businesses connected to the sex industry, brothels to sex shops and sex museums to strip clubs. The term “red-light district” was first recorded in the United States in 1894. Two of the most famous red light districts are Amsterdam And Den Haag Red Light Districts.

The red light district has always been the center of erotic entertainment in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Red Light District is located just south (10 minutes walking) of Central Station, the main train station and is very close to the Dam Square. It covers a large area of the oldest part of the city. The canal Oude Zijds Voorburgwal seemed to be where Amsterdam red light district began.

red-light-districtProstitution is legal in Holland, and in Amsterdam most of it is concentrated in the Red Light District where it has enjoyed a long tradition of tolerance. Today, prostitutes in the Netherlands are also taxpayers. I stayed in Holland for almost 3 years, I was leaving in Den Haag, that also have many red light districts.

Den Haag Red Light District:

Den Haag Red Light District is self-contained parades, set apart. Each contains around 50 windows at the street level plus indoor galleries. The best Den Haag Red Light Districts are: Poeldukesestraat with very low prices, but not good looking girls, HOLLANDSE SPOORStationsplein street, Doeblestraat with many South American black women and Geleenstraat similar to Amsterdams RLD! I was taken the train often and visit Amsterdam because it’s better.

Amsterdam Red Light District:

Amsterdam red light Street have it all, peep shows, cabarets, bars and coffee shops, and is a lot more prostitutes from Den Haag. It is very likely that you will have heard about this neighborhood as is it famous worldwide. There are 100s of windows in every street and Behind the windows are women, for all kinds of taste. There were thin ones and fat ones, blonde ones Chinese and black ones, and you can find all style of sex that you will ask for.

All prostitutes making an effort to attract customers. If you caught their eye, they would smile alluringly, I had a lot of times coffee with them. If you go there do not limit to window-shopping, there are numerous peep shows that may come with video booths, and there are plenty of live sex shows that it’s must see, like Casa Rosso that consider to be the “best” sex show in town, and the infamous Moulin Rouge. Although there is a lot of adult entertainment, it is much more than just a tourist attraction. And don’t forget the Red Light District is not all porno shops and window girls. There are several coffeeshops and bars contained within its boundaries.

Tip: Don’t travel by yourself into the RLD, watch out for pickpockets, and stay away from the drug dealers.
Also there are many Junkies begging for money, asking to show you where to go in exchange for money. Just ignore them.

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4 Comments to Amsterdam And Den Haag Red Light Districts

  1. avatar Cooler-56 says:

    I love window-shopping in Amsterdam Red Light District!

    Great Post Mate

  2. avatar Ian says:

    I’m going to Den Haag in 2 weeks, is very good post, but I will like to have some info also about Den Haag nightlife,
    Bars and clubs some good restaurants. Where is the best nightlife district and so on. Can you please help?

  3. avatar Night-Hawk says:

    Den Haag has excellent bars, clubs, restaurants and casinos. The Dutch like to party late and Nightlife centers around the three main squares in the city center. There are many pubs and coffee-shops to start your evening like Cremers, Boterwaag, De Paas, Het Brouwcafé and De Zwarte Ruiter. Some good clubs are Asta Club, Havana, Byblos, Club Select, Club Le Paris, Club Bazart, Danzig & De Tropen, De Haagsche Kluisch. And Casinos, Holland Casino Scheveningen, Hommerson Arcades B.V. amd Hommerson Casino’s.

    Hope this will help you Ian.

  4. avatar Paul says:

    Den Haag Red Light District in HOLLANDSE SPOOR is the best and cheaper Red Light District in Den Haag.

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