Batam Nightlife And Girls

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batam-girls-batam-nightlife-batam-bars-clubsBatam is one of the largest islands in the Riau archipelago, and not long ago it was just another poor island with coastal villages and unspoiled nature. In 1970s, the island underwent a major transformation from topologically forest area into a major harbor and industrial zone. Now is one of fastest growing tourist destinations in Indonesia in terms of visitor arrivals. It is only 40 minutes from Singapore with boat. Batam time is one hour ahead of Singapore. When you depart from Singapore harbor you are in Batou aber in 45 to 60 minutes. Nagoya is the Batam nightlife entertainment district. In Nangoya is better to walk, but don’t use back streets and stay a way from the street corners where the youngsters are waiting for victims. One of the best things in Batam, is Batam nightlife. Girls from all Indonesia they come here for  better life.

Batam have cheap drinks, cheap massage and a lot of beautiful girls! Nightclubs here usually play alternate between techno music and some Hip Hop. Nangoya have also a lot of pubs, bars and karaokes. The best clubs that come to life after dark is Planet, Pacific, Bovo, Sphinx, Hollywood and Ozone. The Pacific club is the biggest and has the best sound system and Bovo, is one of the biggest clubs in town, as this club is operated by a Singaporean. You must be careful because the discos in Indonesia are really dark and many people use drugs. Most clubs open at 12noon Batam time and some opens earlier at 11am. Batam girls are really sexy, and when you visit the clubs it is almost sure that you are going back to your hotel with a girl. You must know that girls in Batam are looking like Thai bar girls. Indonesia girls are more aggressive, and most of them are not so friendly like Thai. Indonesia girls that work in Batam as bar girls are generally from Sumatra, Java or Kalimantan.

Prostitution is illegal in Batam. However, like in many countries, everyone turns a blind eye. For a night of fun most of Batam girls will ask for payment of around 400,000Rp to stay with you all night.

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6 Comments to Batam Nightlife And Girls

  1. avatar Lee says:

    Batam girls are amazing. Batam nightlife is the best if you need a change from Singapore conservative life. Most of Batam girls are good at sex and thats one of the main reasons that everybody from Singapore go to Batam

  2. avatar Zen says:

    I love Batam girls even more than Thai, however I thing Thailand is better from Batam in nightlife. Good post Nighthawk.

  3. avatar brown says:

    hey guys i want spend my new year eve in batam any nice place to go have fun like meet nice girls hook up with drink as i want celebrate my birthday there so i want something speciall tht day

  4. avatar middleman says:

    I went to Batam in 2005, I found that batam girls are good.
    They led me to llook for hotel, and broungt me to various interest places.

  5. avatar Blue says:

    Hi guys, any cheap hotel suggestions near the bars? Do we have to pay take in fee’s? What about prices in Batam? Thanks a lot!

  6. avatar keksee says:

    All this is ancient history!
    Batam WAS a value for money place for mongering.
    All that is gone. No money no talk.i have to spend almost 3 times the money I spent in 2005 for even less standards.

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