Black Girls In Pattaya: Where To Find Black Women In Pattaya

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Black Girls In Pattaya, Where To Find Black Women In PattayaMany people come to Pattaya for the sexy Thai girls, but sometimes we all need a change. So what about black girls here in Pattaya? Where To find black Women in Pattaya?

Is not a secret that today are many black girls from Africa that come and work in Pattaya. Black girls mostly from Kenya Ghana, Uganda and Madagascar. In my opinion girls from that places don’t look so good, but sometimes you can find pretty ones, but the point is, is it really worth picking up any of the Pattaya African freelancers? Well, if you like Asian girls and you want black girls for a change, then the answer is YES, but if you really only like African girls then better to go to Africa instant of Thailand.

Of Course picking up black girls in Pattaya has some risks. One of them is that these girls are overpriced. Second, a lot of my friends told me that they had problems with them in the room (fighting, stealing and so on…). Some tourists and expats also noticed that some African girls have pimps. Another risk is that some of these girls have STDs. Now the good news is that black girls they know that if they case any problems, they’d be shipped right back home from the police.

So Where To Find Black Women In Pattaya?

There are many places that you can find black girls. Beach road and walking street is some of them. Today you can find many black girls in walking especially outside from insomnia there is a bar with black girls. Some of them go to the clubs as well like Insomnia and Lucifer, but mostly in clubs that play music like RNB and Rap, places like 808 and Flexx Club.

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  1. avatar dick splash says:

    i saw many african girls on soi buakhao at xmas. not aesthetically beautiful like thai girls but almost always willing to take a quick…. in the nearest toilet/bush etc etc for small money. its actually surprising that the bar girls dont do more about the freelancers just like the taxi drivers do to uber/grab drivers.

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