Buenos Aires Nightlife: Girls, Bars And Nightclubs

Buenos Aires Nightlife, Bars And NightclubsBuenos Aires Nightlife: Buenos Aires it’s a vibrant city, renowned for its marvelous art and culture. It’s almost afternoon and I went to Recoleta for a beer to the famous Hard Rock Cafe Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires Design, the shopping mall where Hard Rock Cafe is located, stands in the heart of Recoleta…

There I found Manuel the waitress of hard rock cafe and he told me all about nightlife in Buenos Aires. But the night is come, and is time to see with my own eyes the vibrate Buenos Aires nightlife. The first thing that I was looking for, was to see Tango. So I first went to National Tango Academy, but unfortunately the Academy was closet that day. So we found it a good idea to just go to a restaurant and to mix the renowned tango with the great Bife a caballo and red wine. Argentina culture is synonymous with Tango. The history of tango began in Buenos Aires, in the late 19th century. The dance started in the lower-class districts of Buenos Aires. Regardless of its poor origins Tango, in time, developed into a national habit and for many decades was the favorite pastime of just about anybody living in Buenos Aires. Until the early 50’s Argentina was listed as one of the 10 richest countries in the world. This rich period know as The Golden Age of Tango, is when tango arrives to it’s maturity. Today the tango is enjoying a renaissance of popularity, keeping the fire of this daring art form burning brightly.

Girls, Bars And Buenos Aires Nightclubs – Buenos Aires has a reputation as a party city and is Worldwide Famous for its nightlife, glamorous restaurants, trendy nightclubs and fashionable bars. While some pubs open as early as 6pm, clubs don’t even open their doors till 2am, and frequently goes on until 6, 7am, or later. On Sundays, you can also find some after hours. Palermo is the capital of BA nightlife and the edge of it is home to several large nightclubs. Palermo Soho is where the trend setters go and is the sight of Plaza Serrano, the epicenter of Palermo bars and nightlife. Soho is also home for many bars with Latin music. Some of the most famous bars in Soho are: Antares, CRÓNICO, Malasartes, Congo, Bar Taller, Post and Sugar. I found it a good idea to start in soho before going to after nightclubs. Some of the most famous clubs in Palermo are: Miloca, Unico, Sullivan’s, Mundo Bizarro, Kim y Novak. All the big nightclubs will be spinning electronic music on at least one of their dance floors, and most will have a smaller room for Hip-Hop and R&B. Another of Buenos Aires big nightclub, is Niceto, also in Palermo, hosts club 69 on Thursdays, where transvestites mingle with break-dancers and everyone gets crazy until the sun comes up. Niceto has also the W ET Club for hip hop lovers. Entry fee is around AR$25. Is one of the hottest spots in town and it is usually pretty packed. Mostly is difficult to even get on the dance floor. The crowd was mostly tourists, with some Argentines as well.

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