Cambodia Girls: Sexy Cambodian Women

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Cambodia Girls, Sexy Cambodian WomenOne of the reasons that I’m making this article is it because if you make a search on the internet about Cambodia girls you only find websites about child prostitution, but nobody has made an article about the sexy adult Cambodian girls. If you search about Thai girls you will find 100s of articles. Although is truth that before economic hardship was pushing young Cambodian girls into the sex trade, today Cambodia don’t have so much child prostitution anymore. Instead bautiful adult Cambodia girls now working in bars and discos.

Cambodians are very similar with Thais and many Khmer-girls working in Thailand as a bar girls. If you ask the girls that working in the bars in Thailand many of them they will tell you that are Khner. The best places to find Cambodian girls in Cambodia is Phnom Penh, Sihanouk Village and Siem Reap. Phnom Penh has more opportunities and offering a dusk until dawn nightlife and a variety of places from which to choose. In Sihanouk Village you will find a lot of Girls on Victory hill, serendipity beach and downtown that are a lot of girly bars. Most of Cambodian girls don’t speak good English, but normally they understand Thai. Cambodian girls are extremely exotic, not too sophisticated, but they are upfront, they are direct and (honest). Finally the girls in Cambodia are really friendly, more shy, and they don’t have so much experience in sex compeer with the girls of the near by countries, also are more brown compeer to other girls is south east Asia, especially from Vietnamese girls that normally are white.

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Cambodia Girls: Sexy Cambodian Women

8 Comments to Cambodia Girls: Sexy Cambodian Women

  1. avatar Shane says:

    I am still trying to work out the differences with Thai girls and Cambodian girls. Some people say Thais are much prettier? I have been with many Thai girls but will be my first time to meet a Cambodian girl next month. Can anyone advise please? I am not travelling to Cambodia but she is coming here to my country to visit her friend..I have seen a photo and she looks ok…but am still wondering about body differences etc…can anyone help? thanks!

  2. avatar Brian Hale says:

    Cambodia is by far my preferred SE Asian destination, first only a fraction of those creepy ladyboys Thailand has. The costs are lower
    there is so much uniqueness to see, way less crowded nicer beaches, If you are getting paychecks deposited into your bank at home (in USA ) you can get US dollars from practically any ATM machine for about 2.50 plus whatever your bank charges (about the same) and not get ripped off by your bank not paying anything close to a fair exchange rate. Using Thai ATM’s cost me hundreds of dollars your bank will fuck you better than a THAI whore. Thailand makes you have a round trip ticket which mine went to waste because I planed on Vietnam and Cambodia as well and spent 5 months that trip. Cambodia you can get cheap extended business man visa. Vietnam visa can be expensive for extended stay and multiple entry but worth it too but my recommendation is to fly to and headquarter in Cambodia Dont miss Sihanoukville stay at motel seven near the beach Jim and Shaun can help you with the night life scene and will tell you customary prices so you dont get ripped off. In Phenom Phen stay at lux 25.00 (near river front)or the Jockey club motel for 15 with free wifi and breakfast also has its own bar with lot of nice ladies stop at lone star saloon owned by a Texan for smoked ribs and chicken fried steak way too many bars to list MY GAWD BABY DOLLS I never herd of but wow what fine ladies finest any man could hope for anywhere in the world walkabout bar has a lot of ups and downs as far as women but way way worth a few stops in wonderful what I brought out from there to go with me anywhere I wanted to do anything I wanted was top tier Sharkies and Martini’s are also great but they get enough publicity then there is a place called the frog something owned by a Britt that doesn’t offer much excitement other than a Texas holdem tourney once a week if you want a break from the excitement just do a lot of bar hopping soooo many and do not listen to the TUC TUC drivers you be the boss do not follow his suggestions he gets commissions and does not care about you no matter how nice he seams if you find one you like contract him for agreed amount and dont let him lead you ….

  3. avatar Klick says:

    Hi there., some of u here looking for Khmer girls..well, I live in Phnom Penh…plenty of bars and girls to be fun with. well, Bar girls are all about cash, it’s not just in Cambodia. everywhere on this planet. thats what they are bar girl.!!! i am here for a different purposes, i want White Girls instead. can anyone lead me to the right blogs that i can find foreigner girls who are in Cambodia, for a visit or for good time. I think those tourists are great…most of them are hot. looking for foreign ladies for good time…i have no issue pick up the drinking bills….

  4. avatar Klick says:

    i dunno why i have to comment on this blog…but to be honest, you guys are tourists…so what u can get are Cambodian Bar Girl…bar girls are easy to take anywhere in the world not just in P-Penh. when i won’t agree with the statement that Cambodian girls are easy to take…they are easy but bar girls only…coz they are sex-workers. but if u are to approach the decent Cambodian girl….thats tough, my friend!!!.

  5. avatar BALA says:

    Hai guys, can anybody advice me how to get niece good looking girls to have a relationship and to do bussiness investment there,
    Any idea guys , I truely say thanks , whoever guys can give direction on this matter

  6. avatar CambodianLady says:

    I agreed with “Klick”. Cambodian girls who work in the bar can be easy for you to take to any places BUT for the proper Cambodian girl with natural beauty, sexy, soft, and honest… YOU’RE DREAMING !!!

  7. avatar RAMADAS says:


  8. avatar David P says:

    Phnom penh is alright but I find drugs are very widespread and open in all the bars. I saw one girl openly snorting right in front of me in Angry Birds bar on Street 130.

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