Dominican Republic Nightlife: Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic Nightlife, Santo Domingo Clubs, Girls and ProstitutesDominican Republic Nightlife: The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse country, The distinctly Latin vibe is laid-back, the nightlife is supercharged. Capital Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial is rich in remarkable architecture, and makes the most natural starting point for cultural visitors, located on the south coast of the island. Bars, cafes and clubs are everywhere in Dominican Republic but Santo Domingo and tourist resorts in Dominican Republic have some of the most popular clubs in the country. Santo Domingo is the most bustling and diverse city in the Caribbean. No other city in the Caribbean has a greater variety of restaurants and night life.

There are so many restaurants in this city that it is practically impossible even for those who live here to have visited them all. Prostitutes all over the place, drinking and loud music no matter how poor they are… Normally clubs close at midnight during the week and 3:00 AM both Friday and Saturday. The cover charge is small and includes one drink. Santo Domingo is a place in which a variety of lifestyles can peacefully coexist. Gay travelers will be pleased to note that there are many welcoming and comfortable nightlife spots. Inside the bars and clubs I see the most sexy girls of the Caribbean’s. Finding a prostitute in the Dominican Republic is easy. Really easy! At night, the local discos and bars fill up with Dominican women in their late teens or early twenties, who stare suggestively at male tourists or rub up against them like cats.

For those interested in the traditional sounds and rhythms of the island, there are many spots that showcase live, local talent. There are also 4 casinos in Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada. They feature black jack, craps, roulette and poker. Be careful as their casinos are not regulated nor watched by anyone. This opens up the chances that you will be scammed.

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  1. avatar Maximo says:

    I arrived first in 1959 – two-prop plane landed where today is the intersection of Kennedy & Maximo Gomez- today in the middle of the city. This was the era of “El Jefe” Presidente Generalisimo Doctor Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina – this was announced every hour on the radio! (Yes, I engaged the company of a young female – but at that time I did not really know what to do… It takes time, experience and practice!). Then returned several times in the 1970’s. In the mid-1980’s I lived in Dom. Rep. during 4 years – as very early retiree: This was the glorious era of the “last ongoing fraternity-house-party in the Caribbean” – besore AIDS, and during the golden age of the Merenque. By that time, I had learned how to handle women properly. During those years, Santo Domingo was on another planet: Whole planeloads of 40ish single men flew in from Italy, Switzerland, Germany. One day the French fleet with an aircraft carrier and several other ships arrived – 1500 sailors: No problem – the ladies took care of that situation too! In those days, there was no nightlife curfew. I always stayed in a small hotel near the “obelisco macho” which I always called “Hotel Sensational”. But the hotel house rule number one was :”Only one woman in the room at the time!” to avoid tussled between the ladies. The male guests were a real crew that could have come out of a phantasy script of a half a dozen adventure films: Europeans, Latin Americans, Canadian. (In the 1980’s most U.S. Americans had not yet “discovered” Santo Domingo as a playground!). I used to circle around at night starting at 11 greeting all the ladies and handing them some candy – I became “father-confessor” – one of the excentricts of Santo Domingoc – first to walk along the Duarte Avenue – which was real picturesque in those days – with ladies standing at their posts – the famous “Margarita” and her two sisters occupied the corner of Duarte and Barahona: The joke along the Duarte was that I was “the fiancee of Margarita” – a teenage chocolate version of Marilyn Monroe, at that time she was 16 – and treated men like her dumb pets – with smirking condescention. Later I walked along the Malecon – which was the territory of a gang of real tough young girls – marvelous characters. Then I would squeeze in one of those overcrowded little old cars that at that time where the “public transportation” and make the run up to the famous “Herminias” – full of zillions of girls and gentlemen from Europe and sailors from Asia. When I walked in – I disapperared under a cloud of girls because I brought the candy. All the men looked and wondered: “Who is that guy?” The ladies at “Herminias” were high-spirited – the European men were gentlemanly and over 40 with “experience” and had not really come for “sex” (available on every corner in Europe – cold and mechanic like in the USA) – but for an “exotic experience: We all wanted to be Gaugin! And those where the golden days of the Merengue. How real Merengue sounds – get an education and watch the youtube video title “Vinicio Franco algondones” and “Cana Dulce Cana Brave” – those gents where already classics a half a century ago when I arrived there first – and today in the 80’s – they still true “Merengueros”!

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