Fortaleza Night clubs and Discos: Pirata, Mucuripe…

Fortaleza Clubs, Nightclubs in Fortaleza - Pirata And MucuripeFortaleza Clubs: There are numerous nightclubs in Fortaleza and sometimes it is difficult to include all of fortaleza clubs, bohemian bars and modern night clubs are everywhere here, but here are some of the best…

Mucuripe is the place to be on Friday night. This place is absolutely huge with 4 or 5 different room. I like this 2 stages more: Arre Egua (it is dedicated to a former night club, they have live music with the best of pop rock, axe music.), Usina (holds about 800 people and it is the space for techno and dance music). Pirata is with out a doubt the best of all the clubs in Fortaleza.

What makes Pirata so different from the rest is something that you must be here to fell it. The place is only opened Mondays but it will be filled to the brim with people dancing the Brazilian forro. Pirata was once considered to have the craziest monday on the planet. Maybe it’s because it’s the only place open and so lively on a monday night. Entrance fee is around R$30 all worth the visit. Pirata starts at 8 at night until the sun raises into your eyes the next morning.

Fortaleza Nightlife and Girls

Fortaleza Beira Mar At Night

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Fortaleza Clubs List:

Pirata Club
Arre Egua Club
Mucuripe Club
Casa Club
Usina Club
Rsmc Representacoes Club
Laboratorial Club
Camaleão Club
Clube do Vaqueiro Club
Disco Voador Club
Queen´s Disco Club

Fortaleza Clubs And Bars: Fortaleza Nightlife

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