Is Kissing More Important Than Sex? A Kiss never Lie

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Is Kissing More Important Than SexKiss is more than just a kiss guys, kisses are built on nothing but feelings and Kisses never lie! I’m sure you all remember your first real kiss.

I had always this question, as sometimes I met a women and because we didn’t have the time for something more we end up just kissing. For example I met many times girls, just hours before them vacation ends. It was always a good feeling, but we didn’t had sex… So what that kisses meant? NOTHING?

I ask many girls and all of them told me that kissing is more important than sex. I also speak with many prostitutes during my travels in South East Asia and all told me the same thing. They will have sex with anybody, but the will not kiss a guy in the mouth especially with tongue if there is not a feeling. So, is kissing more Important than sex? Kisses are for sure far more intimate than sex. Sex doesn’t always need feelings.A kiss never lie, Is Kissing More Important Than Sex

There are so many different styles of kissing:
Negative Kisses  Any of these kisses are full with negative energy: (1) OK I just do my job kiss. (2) I like you because you buy me a gold ring kiss. (3) The sympathy kisses. I think we all know those kisses and we all know when someone try to fool us.

The Positive KissesAny of these kisses are full with healing powers: (1) Sweet and soft kisses that express love and care. (2) Passionate kisses like I want you now in my bed. (3) Exploratory kisses, where your tongue navigates inside a mouth of another person. (4) And finaly the emotional kisses that express impassioned love.

Jill Blakeway in a recent article on Huffington Post said, (kissing is not only the way we define intimacy in our brain, but it also releases chemicals that make us more relaxed). So to all of you there, if a person kiss you with passion, you need to know that is just a matter of time to end up in the bed together.

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