Macau Nightlife Guide: Macau Girls, Clubs And Bars

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Macau Nightlife Clubs And BarsSixty kilometers west from Hong Kong on the southeastern coast of China, lies the tiny Portuguese peninsula of Macau. Most of the travelers who travel to Macau they have noted that it is a location for both, tourism and living. Senado Square is your first choice to join Macau nightlife. When night falls, the area would be surrounded by downy lamplight, and the Portuguese style buildings there will look more charming due to the light effect. Largo do Senado, is home to numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and clothing shops. Another way to enjoin Macau nightlife is the casinos which stay open 24 hours a day. Macau has earned the title of the Oriental Las Vegas as it is a gambler’s paradise. Gambling and tourism are the largest sectors in Macau’s economy.

Macau is the fastest growing casino gambling market in the world. From 2001 to 2006, gaming revenue in Macau has grown at an annual rate of 23%. By comparison, Las Vegas and Atlantic City had. Macau Food – Food and entertainment go together in Macau. Macau offers a wide variety of good restaurants with various cuisine. Macanese cuisine is a mix of Portuguese, Indian, Malay and Chinese influences. One of the best cafe restaurants is E.S.kimo located near the Senado Square for local customers usually, but for tourist visitors as well.

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Nightlife in Macau offers famous high-profile entertainers, Portuguese folk dancing, disc jockey bars and live dance bands, depending on the place you choose. Near the Kun Iam Statue is the Docas, an area of outdoor cafes and bars. Macau Clubs: There are not many night clubs in Macau, but one of the best is DD Disco that is 2 floors. The first stage plays Trance and House music and in the second is live Rock band.

Macau Girls: Many Indonesia, Thai and Philippino girls that working in Macau, visit the discos mostly in the weekends. Macau Chinese local girls are very sexy and also more open mind with foreigners compeer to other destinations in China. Prostitutes hang around doorways and exits from casinos, girls start congregating at about 11am.

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Macau Nightlife Clubs And Bars

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