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Nairobi Nightlife and Nairobi Girls, Clubs and BarsWith population of more than 2 000 000 people, it’s a modern commercial center. Kenya’s capital is home to a fascinating variety of people and the stimulating mix of cultures means that there is a buzz about the place. The city is the financial and business center of East Africa, is an often frantic mix of businessmen, diplomats, tourists and locals. Nairobi Nightlife is vibrant. This city has a number of lively venues for drinking and dancing and include some of East Africa’s busiest clubs and best bars.

Nairobi Nightlife: Tourists must also experience the exotic cuisine of the city. The residents of Nairobi are quite fun-loving and they love to attend mid-night parties. Nairobi Nightlife has something for everybody theaters, casinos, restaurants, clubs and bars. Several hotels have clubs and bars on their premises making it easy for their guests to enjoy the nightlife. Some famous Nairobi clubs and bars are: Club Barn, Florida 2000 Discotheque, Casablanca, Modern Green Day and Night Club and Friendship Corner, New Florida Nightclub, Plantation 24 hr Cafe, Pango F3, Simba Saloon, Zanze Bar. Girls and prostitutes are all over in the bars and clubs. New Florida club in downtown Nairobi is guaranteed to send you off with a smile. In this club you will even find Nairobi girls from rich families that just looking for a good time. But you must be careful because most of the girls in Kenya like to have sex without condom! Best places to look for prostitutes is Nairobi streets at night. Drive along koinange street in downtown you will see a parade of all sizes.

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