Nepal Nightlife: Kathmandu and Pokhara Nightlife Guide

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Nepal Nightlife Guide:

Nepal it is small, but expanding trade catering to sex tourists. Sex worksites tend to concentrate in urban areas of the Kathmandu Valley, and Pokhara.

Kathmandu Nightlife: Nepal Nightlife, Kathmandu nightlfe, Pokhara Nightlife Guide

Nightlife in Kathmandu is mostly on Thamel, there are hundreds of restaurants and pubs clustering in the Thamel District. Tibetans are very open-minded, but unfortunately, the government not give them wings to fly! By law, all music in public places has to be turned off by 22.00.

Many bars in Thamel try to stay open until midnight and have some sexy dancers.
During the high season, bars usually keep serving until the late hours. The police is coming almost every night, if found girls to dance naked they take them out in the cold and punish them in front of people. Yes, I saw that in front of my eyes two times during the time that I was at Nepal.

Tibetan girls are very beautiful, if you’re looking to find a prostitute in Kathmandu the best way is to go for a massage. There are hundreds of massage shops with beautiful Nepalese women. The price is around €10.  The girls start with massage and later on they will ask you if you want an extra service. Women of all castes and classes become sex workers. If you’re looking for a normal girl, is not difficult to find, mostly girls they love foreigners, and they speak pretty good English. There are not so many clubs around Kathmandu, but you can find a lot of girls that work in bars and restaurants. There are also some bars with local music and is easier to get a Nepalese girl there.

Pokhara Nightlfe:

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, the main center Lakeside or Baidam where all the tourists hang out is also the best nightlife spot in Pokhara. It has the largest number of hotels and guesthouses and is filled with chic bars, pubs with pool tables, few disco dance clubs and restaurants. Restaurants are extremely cheap, and the food is mostly European. Some of the bars and nightclubs in Pokhara are Paradiso Club, Ibiza Dance restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Club Amsterdam, Café Concerto, Nasha Club.

Mostly some beautiful Tibetan girls coming down from the villages and they go into these clubs on weakens. If you’re a foreigner the girls probably they come and speak to you, they find tourists very attractive. Nepal nightlife its still developing.

33 Comments to Nepal Nightlife: Kathmandu and Pokhara Nightlife Guide

  1. avatar Night-Hawk says:

    There are many sexy girls in pokhara mostly tibetans.
    You will find them in disco clubs during the weekends.

  2. avatar kiran Ram Ranjitkar says:

    a good information formy purpose.thank.

  3. avatar Bob Reardon says:

    I am about to go to Kathmandu for a week. I have heard about meeting girls in “cabin restaurants”, can anyone recommend good cabin restaurants in Kathmandu?

  4. avatar rochan says:

    hi i visited Kathmandu & pokhra beautiful place but plz don’t travel to have sex or sex entertainment in Kathmandu never ever go to any discos,or dance bars its very dangerous they show menu like one beer 150bucks but after u have they say its 1000 or 3000 or even they say u have offered drinks for girls pay their bill like 15000,20000bucks we have faced the problem like any thing we were 6guys went dance bar just took 2beers then they charged 15000/- we opposed & they banged us we couldn’t do anything its their local place they had knifes,razors etc they took our money nearly 25000/- so plz dont go NEPAL dirty place dirty people better go to thailand

  5. avatar Night-Hawk says:

    I will completely disagree with rochan. what he describe was never happen to me during the month that I was in Kathmandu & Pokhara. I also found Nepali people really cool and okay. In Thailand I see much more bud things happens. Nepal is extremely cheap. Although is not so easy to get girl, is possible also. Especially in Pokhara during the weekends I hade many girls come with me. But you can also try the massage in Pokhara most of the girls there they do everything for some extra.

  6. avatar rahul says:

    i want to that how would i know that this girl is a prostitute….can u suggest me some places where i will find all the sexy girls for sex…please..!! give all the information about how will i find a girl there..

  7. avatar raja says:

    i completely agree with rochan the exact same thing happened with us we ended up paying 20k for like 5 beers. nepal is not the place to go to dance bars at all just go thr if u like trekking n all or the local culture otherwise its a shit hole. my humble request to everyone do not go to nepal to have sex or see dance the only thing thr is casino. our entire trip was ruined coz of that incident.

  8. avatar Gorkhali says:

    Mr Rochan and Raja.. what’s the f**k are you talking about. You wanted to do enjoy. There is nobody present to do enjoy without anything. If u wanna get something you must loose something. okay never try to say dirtly place and dirty people. You are the dirty bastard. You should be f**ed up in that bar…

  9. avatar BINAY says:


  10. avatar Ahmed says:

    Thanks nigt-hawk! I have traveled almost all around the world i decided once to marry a Nepali girl ( Tibetan looks) then i went to Katmandu. Honestly i found hard to get one! Most the looks in Katmandu are indians! The people of Nepal are decent & loyal, very frindly. They love to help each other, they took m to many poor famelies mostly indians looks to get my financial help.. & i did. I wish i had met aTibetan one ( maybe becoz i dont go to bars ) , i will try Pokhara soon & take your advise but not for marriage at first glance!

  11. avatar Ron says:

    I would be going to Kathmandu for a week with my wife for our honeymoon. I was wondering about the nightlife there. If anyone could suggest me any classy,posh sexy nightclubs or places which are safe and fun. Thanks a lot!!

  12. avatar jack says:

    I am going for a visit to the birth place of buddha, LUMBINI.
    I want to have the taste of terai girls in nepal so can anybody inform me any such locations arround lumbini maybe bhairawa or butwal where i can fulfill my wishes. Thanks!

  13. avatar nepali says:

    hey guys
    i’ve read all of ur queries regarding night life in kathmandu. as i’m familiar with all types of nightlife over here i can suggest u about places to explore.
    if the purpose is sex than dont try to go with local dance bars coz they are not very familiar for foreigners nor nepalese. u can visit to massage centers( which every house in thamel Kathmandu possess one) and try to communicate directly for the sex.
    then if u are here for much fun and nightlifes then there are many standard bars with resionable price( people dond fu..d up here 15000 for a beer) its just cost u 300 bucks per bottle. if ur willing to come to nepal then avoid people who promise u a nice place or restuarent. for dance clubs cubes, platinum and others in thamel are the main and safest atraction for all. and for girls u just need to know who to communicate then its all urs.

  14. avatar ANUJ says:

    i am planning to go to nepal plz guide me where i can enjoy whole night with sex and fun safely

  15. avatar TheNepaliKeto says:

    Hello Dude! nice blog. I love it. I am a Neplai guy and have much experience of Thamel and Nepali clubs and girls. The Girls you are referring to as ‘Tibetian Girls’ are in fact Limbus, tamangs , gurung, chetris and other Bhotini (mongolian origins).
    In thamel there are about 200 much massage centers and unknown numbers of shower dance restaurants. In massage center , in Kathmandu if you go and say that you want to do “Massage and Sassage” they will understand. But, hope to check out for the good girls. Once you are inside the room with the girl, do give her around 100- 200 Nrs ( that’s ~3 us$ ) the she will give you extra-smooth service. Cause that money goes for personal pocket not the Pimp.
    Likely, if you go to any 2 start hotel in thamel and ask for the ‘Possible service’ most chances are they will provide you a private call girl. But for that you may have to be familiar with the hotel managers and other guys for few days at least…
    Call girls are like local girls very beautiful than the cheap massage whores.. ok… But always Safety first.. keep yourself safe with a pack of Rubbers… and have nice time with GirlZs of Thamel…
    See ya!

  16. avatar Bull dog says:

    Nepal is a great contry, You can get every thing in a safe way.

  17. avatar Abhishek says:

    Hi NightHawk,
    It is really a good site to exchange thoughts and get to know more about Nepal. I go to Nepal for two things. One for its natural beauty and the other one for exciting night life. I have been there twice and i would like to share some exprience I had when i was there last time. I prefer travelling by bus as I get to see some natural surroundings. I took a bus from Birgunj to Kathmandu. Kathmandu does not look like International Capital but still its beautiful. I reached Kathmandu in the evening, took hotel, hotel was okay. Since i was tired I went for a massage with a purpose of getting some extra service. The lady gave me a real good massage. But she was not ready for that ‘extra service’. But she agreed upon giving me a hand job. Next night, as I was strolling through Thamel streets, i came across many pimps, and thought of trying one. This man took me to a building and showed me 2 girls. They were wearing raunchy dress but not cheap. The girl that i picked up was wearing a knee high shoe with sexy shorts and a tight blouse and very nicely done hair style. She was just looking like a porn start just out of porn movie. I thought that now I will have a good time. But it was not so. I gave Nepali Rs 1400/- but she didnt undressed completely. she put the lights off and just put off her shorts and asked me to do quickly. I requested her for a blow job or handjob and she turned down. Somehow I had a quickie and vowed never to go for it again. Third night I had a word with hotel manager who arranged a private call girl, though she was married but she was good. Had a good session with her. So my message to all of you is to go for a massage parlour or contact your hotel manager. Thanks for reading.

  18. avatar s says:

    any hotels you guys would recommend in ktm and pokhara where there would be no issue with the cops cause i hear alot of raids at hotels, massage parlours .. hey abhishek how much did it cost you for the call girl

  19. avatar santosh says:

    anyone seeking sex at pokhara can go to bars at baglung buspark and have it. you can find many choice of girls all age, complexion, cost etc. either you can do there or you can take girl and go to your place it is cheap can have a girl for 1500 nepalese rupees for whole nigt.

  20. avatar saim says:

    tamil dance bars is a nasty place where u will be cheated. they will offer u a drink for 200 rupees. but when u will give the bill u will see 5000 instead of 200. the government should take some actions . but pokhra is safe.

  21. avatar Raj says:

    Hey Abhishek,

    which Hotel you recommend in Pokhara?

    Santosh! Thanks for the info!


  22. avatar r says:

    sex change operations are starting to get more popular in nepal just as in thailand. be aware that the “girl” could have once been a man

  23. avatar Star says:

    Hey Abishek
    Which hotel offered you the call girl ?
    Can you please tell

  24. avatar SP says:

    Can you recommened me the best place for message and girl company for single person in 4 days stay in kathmandu ?? or best cabin restaurent with nepalies girls as a waiters ?
    thanks in advance

  25. avatar anil says:

    nepal is crown of the world and it is good country

  26. avatar srivastava says:

    hi am going nepal tour for 10 days khatmandu and pokhara any body suggest me good palour in pokhara from i get extra service with nice girl

  27. avatar Sanjay says:

    Looking for nepali/ Tibet good looking girl

  28. avatar abhay says:

    please keep me informed about nightlife tips in kathmandu

  29. avatar shekhar says:

    never go to thamel market in kathmandu. it is a fraud and dangerous place. people will assure u to provide girls but they will rob u . and if u drink bear it will cost u much more than normal one. kathmandu not a good place for sex tourism.

  30. avatar ayaaz says:

    Iv just returned yesterday from Nepal.. great place to enjoy natural beauty,chill,get drunk… but not for sex!!! there are extremely sexy n beautiful girls but …. the dance bars n pimps they r nothing but frauds..we were almost about to get robbed but thank God we managed to escae somehow… and about the massage parlours,those bitches dont give ny happy ending neither ask u…. totally disappointed with Nepal’s nightlyf -_-

  31. avatar ajju says:

    all hotel staff never help you for any girl. you will not find any girl in any bar. in the bar all girls will try to take your bill at the highest. all girls will promise you that she will come with you in room, but she will never come.
    we got one girl as she was a prostitute and she was searching the guys by her balcony. we enjoyed with her only in pokara.

  32. avatar Anuj Kumar says:

    Hi i want to go Nepal to enjoy the natural beauty and get some physical enjoyment with beautiful girls.Can anyone please suggest me where i can get these girls with no fear cops and raids.I have heard about raids in Hotels and massage can anyone tell me some safe place in kathmandu and thamel where call girls and sex workers are easily availale.

  33. avatar Sonu says:

    Hello Guys,

    Now I am in Kathmandu so please tell how many places are good and good services. I am staying in Kathmandu for a two or three days. I want to do massage and sassage so where I can find out good girls for this for whole time spent with me.

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