Pattaya Gay Scene: PATTAYA PRIDE Gay Festival

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Pattaya Gays scene, PATTAYA PRIDE Gay FestivalPattaya Gay Scene:
Pattaya is the city of nightlife. From a small fishing village transformed into a pleasure paradise. And that’s the main reason that this city is extremely gay-friendly as the gay scene developed here very fast…

PATTAYA PRIDE Gay Festival (3)In Asia the Buddhist conception is that human beings equally consist of masculine and feminine parts, so homosexuality in Thailand is total accepted. In any other country it is maybe taboo, but here is normal. You will find a 100s of boys that are employed as “hosts” (male prostitutes) in the local bars in Pattaya. Pattaya accepts homosexuality without stigma and gay people can express themselves fully in Pattaya!

PATTAYA PRIDE Gay Festival (2)Pattaya Gay Festival: PATTAYA PRIDE
I saw with my own eyes the first festival that started in November 2001 by Jim Lumsden (Ambiance Hotel in Boyz Town, Pattayaland Soi 3) and some businesses or commercial organisations are sponsors by paying an annual fee.PATTAYA PRIDE Gay Festival (4) You can see all the events on them website here ‘’.

PATTAYA PRIDE – Gay Festival Video:

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