Pattaya Girlfriend: The Truth About Thai Girls

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Pattaya GirlfriendOne of the reasons that I’m making this article is because I wanted to post the truth about Thai girls. I saw many things go wrong in Pattaya, that I can’t trust Thai girls anymore…

I don’t talk about all girls that work in Pattaya, but unfortunately for most of them. There are many things that a white-man has to consider before falling in love with his girlfriend in Pattaya. But all depends, of course, on what you are looking for. thai uk-thai-girls-in-englandYou came in Thailand only for fun? Or you are looking for something more? Unfortunately today most of the girls, especially bar-girls and freelance girls from walking street, have at least three to five farrang that send money to them. Most of the money usually go to drugs, some to family and the rest to Thai boyfriend. You want to be one of these guys and support that girls? I don’t think so, but perhaps you are one of them and you don’t know it yet. Just remember, Thai girls are so sweet that can make you crazy. Most men, especially from England, come to Thailand for a month and think that found truth love.

When they go back home, they miss their thai girlfriend, so they send money and try to make visa for her. I saw 100s of girls here in Pattaya, spend their money to drugs, with Thai boyfriends and at the same time, the sponsor white boyfriend thinks that his girlfriend stays in her village in Isaan. Why are there so many Thai bar-girls living in Europe and especially in England? Is it because European guys get more and more lonely or desperate?

Is it because European girls are too feminist? Are these some of the reasons that UK men are married mostly to Thai bar-girls? Or is there something more? In the beginning were only old fat white guys that brought Thai girls back home, but today more and more young guys make the same mistake.
pattaya girlfriend, i can trust my thai wife, truth about thai girls
Is Thai girl the solution for a lonely European guy or she is going to destroy his life more? Did you know that 70 percent of the white guys that make visa for Thai girls in Pattaya, are from UK and mostly from England? Also most of them divorce after three to five years, when their Thai-wife finally gets her English passport. Because of the poverty Thai bar-girls can promise and say anything to a white guy. That’s what are you looking for? Thai girls scams are famous all over the world.

Most of the girls that come to work in Pattaya, already have children from their Thai ex husbands. In my opinion it’s not a good idea to falling in love with a Thai girl if you don’t have experience about Thai culture. The first thing that you will notice when you come in Thailand, as a foreigner is that for Thai people you are always a Farang (White Guy).

My Thai Wife: The Truth About Thai Girls

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37 Comments to Pattaya Girlfriend: The Truth About Thai Girls

  1. avatar Thai girl says:

    I’m a thai girl. I just visited this website by chance while i was surfing the net. U are quite right about Pattaya. Can i ask u sth?…Thailand has so many beautiful places. U just visited Pattaya? or travel around?. And if the western guys like thai girls, need thai girls to be with them. why do u guys go bar or sth like that?…trust me!! The most of thai girls are so nice and sweet and educational..

  2. avatar Thai girl says:

    I’m not sure what u guys are talking about. maybe my english in not perfect. I Think the most of Thai girls are so nice. have a nice career. I’m from South of Thailand but now i live in bkk. i will graduate soon and after that i will go to europe. no one farang guy support me. I dont understand why western guys go to pattaya or somewhere like that for find a gf or wife. I have been everywhere that u said. and i think u can choose u want a bar girl or nice girl to be ur gf or wife. i think if u go bar for for find a gf or wife…u are not nice guys also…but if for fun maybe it’s ok. ….so open ur mind, time changed, ppl changed…and i think u know what u should do!!!

  3. avatar adam f smith says:

    don,t make the same mistake .

  4. avatar SiameseGrin says:

    Western men are so freaking stupid when it comes to Thai poonani. BTW, I’m a Thai woman, so don’t go all ape$hit on me thinking I’m a man. If I had a dollar for every disgusting, white, old man who wanted to bang me because they thought I’d be submissive and kinky, and that I’d let them do me in the a$$, I’d be driving a Mercedes instead of an Acura. It is SO easy to manipulate these men who have preset notions about Thai women. The two things they correctly assume about me ARE true–I am amazing in bed and my mouth and tongue can suck better than a Hoover vacuum. And that’s all. I’m incredibly bossy and dominant, and am in no way a typical Thai girl. I’m 5’10”, have DD size breasts and a sizable mean streak that I love to crack open on men who least expect it. And you know where this all comes from? The Thai culture so dominated by men. My father cheated so many times on my my mother–and I’ve known about it since I was five years old. I’m sure you don’t have a doubt where my bitterness started. So if “farang” men continue to act like complete idiots, Thai women everywhere will continue to manipulate them, use them, and laugh behind their backs. Take it from one who got her “kicks” in stateside.

  5. avatar militant english guy j says:

    OK FOR siameseGrin so u get your thrills off manipulateing old white men that are old and probaly going senile. you are the biggest biatch i know. im 20 im white and in good shape. when i went to thailand you trying it on with me i found it the biggist turn off. il never go to pattaya im not that sort of person to pay for sex. i whent hua hin and bangkok and found people very friendly. i also think its wrong for old fat peados to pray on young thai women and for that i appolagise. but just so you know dont you dare insult white people you racist biatch and get your self a life. im sorry for what men do in your culture but i will never cheat on my woman and me and my gf are both even. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT

  6. avatar Thai girl says:

    no one perfect!!! everywhere has good and bad ppl.
    it depends on u. u can choose what u want to be.. what u want to got..

  7. avatar militant english guy j says:

    I 100% agree no one is perfect. why do you guys go to Pattaya. take it your wife left you and you too fat and ugaly to find your self a good girl. its guys like you that make people like me look bad. I will never go Pattaya. I dont know why people go there and think they can have a good relationship. When i was in thailand i was in Hua Hin and i found like THAI GIRL says before most of the thai women/men very sweet and educated. I went with my gf from japan. we had great time and love to go back. So why dont you come here to Hua hin forget people like that racist SiameseGrin and dont go been stupid and try to keep it in your trowsers you disgusting fowl men u on your own live with it…….

  8. avatar SiameseGrin says:

    Oh calm the hell down. To the wanker, militant engrish geek, who called me a biatch, I said it was easy to manipulate the ones who already had preset notions (translated–stereotypes) about me because of my Thai background. That makes them as racist as one of you claimed I am. So what do you think of that? The nice ones, I respected. The ones who thought I would be a “certain way” and treated me as such, got what they deserved–especially when they’d put their hands on my head and try to get me to do a certain something. Don’t these freaks know most women all over the world don’t appreciated having their heads guided south? Anyways, I should edit my post and say “a lot of western men”, because it isn’t all of them. Now regarding my anger: it’s accepted in my parents’ Thai culture that men have a “mia noi” but some go nuts and have several. I grew up in the US, but the culture followed us here. I don’t know if the younger generations in Thailand are still doing this. I’m incredibly angry, still, because my mother didn’t deserve the pain she went through. I need a therapist for the anger, yes, I am aware. My apologies if my previous post touched a nerve or two. I was pissed.

  9. avatar militant english guy j says:

    yes i agree they sholdnt do that to you u but u the 1 opaning your legs for them. we all had are problams i dont have father or mother anymore but theres a few issues that you need to get over. its history but now. but as for raceist im not as i have japanese gf who i love more then anyone. but you need to sort it out. 2 wrongs dont make a right and just because thai men have mia noi most white men dont and i will never do that to my girl. as for stereotypes arnt you just making people stereotype more i know not all thai women from your background are like that as i know many who now live in uk. so dont get me wrong but you need to find someone nice thai mainly who will look after you and you cant be angry no more you need to get over it as i have over my personal issues

  10. avatar manny says:

    Let’s face it if a 45 year old white guy is going to marry a very young beautiful Thai girl he must realize she may have an affair from time to time.. It is no different than marrying an American Girl.

    I think the guy should be forgiving because he too may be playing the field. The important thing is to find a nice girl who is not going to hurt you, take your money away and stuff like that.

    I know of a Navy guy and he married a Thai girl. He is underway most of the time.. She is very nice. They been happily married for 15 years and have 3 beautiful babies…

    My point is use your gut feeling when you meet your dream future Thai wife. They are not all bad..

  11. avatar waan says:

    Bill, don’t waste your feeling and money anymore. Obviously she is a gold digger. What she did, as I am one of Thai girls, it is so shameful for my country. But don’t think all the girls are just like that. People are different. We were raised in the different way different society different environment and different family.I don’t know why lots of foreigners are aim to Pattaya and look for relationship which they suppose to know already that Pattaya is only for sex.

    Anyway, I just feel a bit upset when I read this article when you say “the truth about Thai girls” and yes I am Thai what should I feel. I am not what you said at all and I am too far from that kind of society. Then how can it be “the truth”?

    Only sorry for that kind of girls, she may forgot what is right what is wrong already. But don’t blame it all on her, blame it on everything around her that drag her to become like “THIS TYPE OF GIRL”.

    *sorry for my ENG,, ur language is so *_*
    Tense and grammar.. YUK !!

  12. avatar Jack says:

    So why dont you just stick to you own kined like most good white guys like myself. I been thailand but lucky im not attractid to thai. So was very good holiday. Am going again soon. You do get white ladies on holiday there. Im 20 so still young so have fun 🙂

  13. avatar shaneen says:

    if u seek a good gf or wife better choose filipino women cuz they r excellent home keepers and well educated. they r renowned to be the most beautiful women in asia, also renowned for their inside and outside beauty, they are delight to be around because of their disposition and personality, they r understanding, patient and composed, generous and naturally caring and supportive.they are simple people deprive of wealth but rich in culture and values. :))

  14. avatar Steve says:

    Pattaya is the largest brothel in the world. That’s all it is. If you go there looking for anything other than hired sex, you’ll be disappointed.

  15. avatar Steve says:

    I’m a middle aged man who lived in Pattaya for 3 months. It was a great feeling to strut down the road with my fat gut sticking out and have gorgeous babes smile at me. “Sexy man, where you go” they chanted. Yep, that was me, a fat sexy old white man. One day I could hear the girls behind me saying the same thing. I turned around to see if they were talking to me. They weren’t, they were talking to a different sexy man. This guy must have been about 80 years old and was pulling his oxygen tank.

    Pattaya is “Fantasy Island” on steroids. Fortunately for me, I was able to recognize it as such. Many of these dumb Farang aren’t able to see it. They actually think that the beautiful 19 year old is in love with someone as old as their grandpa. The only thing they are in love with is grandpa’s wallet.

    I talked to a bar girl once and she told me she was looking for a serious relationship. I asked her to define “serious relationship” (her English was very good) She told me that for her it would mean a guy who was committed to visiting her every year. I asked her how long they would have to stay during their visit and she told me two weeks.

    Well, it just doesn’t get anymore serious than that! Wow, what a commitment. What she was really looking for was about 10 serious relationships, each sending money every month. Then after work she runs to the Internet shop and video chats with one of them each day. The only thing she has to worry about is if more than one of the saps want to come during the same two weeks to visit.

    If you want a good laugh, go into one of the many Internet shops in Pattaya take a peak across the booth at the 20 year old video chatting with her old-fat-fart boyfriend. You can’t hear what he’s saying because she’s wearing headphones, but you can hear her. “Hello honey, I sure miss you. I hope you don’t mind but I used 10 baht of the money you sent me to buy rice for my friend Sallyporn. Sallyporn has no money or food and I didn’t think you’d mind” You can see the old fatso grinning from ear to ear with a Budweiser resting on his gut. He’s so impressed that his young girlfriend is worried about 30 cents of his money. What a gal. What she forgot to tell Fatso was about her taking her Thai boyfriend to Walking Street to a nice Go Go bar and buying him 120 baht drinks all night. The Thai boyfriend likes to go there because he gets tired of just looking at her hard body, he likes a little variety. If the Thai guy plays his cards right, he’ll get about 6 drinks in her too. After she’s all glossy-eyed he can tell her how much he loves her and how much it would mean for him if she paid one of the dancers 2,000 baht to come back to their apartment with them. She’ll agree. Like the magical powers the Thai ladies have over the stupid Farang, the Thai men have magical powers they hold over the stupid Thai ladies.

  16. avatar Expert-Guy says:

    Hi Guys,
    what the hell are you discusing here? thyai culture? Thai Girl? Pattaya culture?….
    I was just laughing about what I read here.
    let me make it easy for u all with one question:
    do u want to have a whore as a wife ? if yes, then find it in the bars (such as pattaya) .
    all western guys are ATM machine for bar girls , that is the fact.
    Have been in Thailand more than 100 times in 25 years , know everything about them, Not all are bad , Not all are cheating …different places , different ppl…just get use to it.
    tips: Read the book: Private Dancer

  17. avatar frank byer says:

    im 25 years old , im a fit goodlooking man from england, i had many english girls but i always liked thai girls wen i was 20 i went to pattaya and fell in love with a girl my own age , i sent money for a few months but 1 day i rang and a farang answered while he was having sex with my so called girlfriend ,,,,,, it took me 3 years to get over her but i still went back to pattaya and just f-ed women , i guess i wanted revenge so i took it out on other girls i know this is bad and im sorry for that now ,,,,,,,, recently i met a new girl in pattaya she stayed with me for a month and i never sent money i fell in love again ,,,,,,,, but i never sent money she sms me everyday telling me she loved me and want me to be her husband i was so happy , then she add me on facebook and i look at her picture ,,,,,, now i know she has 5 men send money to she and she drive big big car,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and i contact other people and they say she tell them same me that she loves them and want marry them ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,these thai bar girls are not human beings they are spawn of satan AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL THE SCUMBAGS I HATE THOSES GIRLS SO MUCH

  18. avatar Sonny says:

    The pattern seems to be so identical in every case. I too fell for a beautiful thai bargirl completely by accident at Nana Plaza. I took the situation with a grain of salt, but their personality is so seducing, that if you spend more than 2 days with them, you really do appreciate them for how they conduct themselves. This was my 3rd business trip and although the locals would tell me to “be careful”, they didn’t really explain the emotional manipulation that these girls perfect. Honestly they could carve you into pieces with a butchers knife and on your last breath, you still gaze into their eyes looking for happiness with them. I really do commend them for the perfection of manipulation. I wish you all the very best in avoiding their mermaid traps, as well versed in women as I think I am, they really redefine the luster of temptation.

  19. avatar Jack says:

    Are you going to Thailand to seek for a wife and want to marry a girl from a strip bar? Marry her to save her from the dreadfull life?
    Remember that you would marry a girl who has no education, who has to support her family in far away Isan, who is in the business for many years or who might be 3x younger than you…
    There is cultural difference – Thai – Western; education level; poverty level; expectation level…
    Everything will be different from what she expected and from what you expected. Mostly she just likes you because of the better life you can provide. Can you?
    I have seen young women calling after her (really) old bf: I love you(r wallet)…
    A friend of mine married an Indonesian: all he did was working, while she was bored to death in her small apartment in Milano. It ended up in a divorce.
    There are sometimes exceptions… one of my friends is such… we nearly married about ten years ago, but I broke up with her because I thought she was too young and I was not free at that time.
    But we stayed in touch, so I had a pretty good idea of her married life. And I must say that the way she developed I sometimes regret that I never made that step.
    Never found anything like her and probably never will…
    She didn’t sleep around, she was just looking for a nice guy who was willing to take her in and marry her….and she planned to be good for him.
    She too had a turbulent marriage… it took years before her husband trusted her. But she proofed him to be trustworthy. I met her a few times (she lives in Australia and I in Germany, but we managed to meet a few times in Bangkok). We talked and we consider us as kind of brother and sister. I always respected her ways as she did mine and that’s why we could keep in touch.
    What I try to say: if you find your soulmate, stick to her… I found her and didn’t.
    But be carefull…. 99% of the women who work in bars are not the right kind of person to be with for longer term.

  20. avatar Jack says:

    I really like the story of the fat guy… very honoust! Very true.

  21. avatar Aardvark says:

    If you go looking for a girlfriend in Pattaya then you’re looking in the wrong place! Would you marry a bar girl in the UK? I think not. Is it any wonder these girls take english guys for a ride. Personally I don’t blame them at all. I married a women from down south and several of my friends have married genuine woman and are very happy. My wife is my soul mate and she has never wanted a thing from me. If you go looking under rocks you’ll find snakes – simple. To all the genuine Thai Women don’t worry not all farang keep there brain in their trousers and most educated farang men know the difference between genuine and bar girls. Shok Dee

  22. avatar amaan says:

    hi everyone . i cant understand why people think only bad about bar girls . first u want to find out y y girl work in bar . no lady like to work like this . n every night go n sleep with new man . if people think bad about bar girls then y u think good about farangs . they come pattaya for what ? look both side of coine . bar girls work in bar bcus of money its true . but y them work there . y people dont want to think to chang background . good n bad people everywere in this world so pls stop to think bad only about bar girls only .they also have heart , feelings n dream . so accept her as a wife n give her good life . sure u look her as a good wife forever . first u think to give good life to her .god make humen same allover . so thai or farang or european or asian no meter for it . if u good then every goodness come to u .

  23. avatar Michael says:

    Well I hear what everyone says here but pretty clear that some young studs think that older men are sub human and should not be allowed to enjoy life and that all thai women are scammers we’ll think about this if you take your car to a garage repair shop chances are you will see more mechanics than hotel cheffs so it is the same if you go to pattaya then expect to find more scammers than normal thai women believe me pattaya is not truly representative of thailand or thai women so get real and be fair because young big mouthed little dicked farang it is your arrogance that is the problem not older men and not thai people

  24. avatar Charlie says:

    Very interesting and diverse views. My story?
    Having travelled to thailand a few times including pattaya a few times I considered a serious relationship with a thai woman. Started with online dating and eventually settled with one girl. Three months later we met and fell in love. A couple of trips back and forth between us we ended up marrying. What I realized is that signifact thai women who have decided to seek a farang man for whatever reason rely on a “survival” tactic. This means unless it is a sure thing they’ll keep their options option. As I was sending her stuff to Thailand I realized she was receiving goods from another guy. Btw she was not a bar girl rather an a person struggling to make ends meet. Once she realized that there is guarantee of a future with me she stopped communicating with other guy.
    We got married in Australia and she wet back to Thailand waiting for her partner visa application. Eight months later she’s here with her daughter. Things went sour when my in one was temporarily reduced as I could not provide her with the materialistic stuff she was accustomed to. I suspected she was looking elsewhere. At the present time we have gone separate ways as I accidentally intercepted SMS messages from our Best Man clearly declaring his interest. She denied it but I was not convinced.
    My point is that some thai women including bar girls always look for greener pastures hence “survival mode” once they realize there is an easier way they take it. I found the commitment to your marriage and partner is not on their night priority list. You could equate is also to greed.
    Although they make great gf when it comes to marriage you have to be careful that in not so good times she will more easily switch to another guy as she’s done it before. Btw she is in a relationship with that guy however there is a good chance she will be asked to leave Australia.

  25. avatar EM says:

    Not all thai girls are like that!! Is stupit to look girlfriend or wife in bar. Everyone know it. (Do you normally want a slut to be gf=? It is same as in Europa too bar girls) You went to wrong place. Those girls are corrupted or been victim of humantraffit.

    Normal thai girls aren’t like that at all. If you look ugly and old fat. Do you think normal girl would fall in love? I dont think they even look at you at all. I don’t think so. Use common sense.

    And people send money…people asking money is obviously scammers.

    why people are crying if thai girl leave them?

    I heard so many sad story. White man wants thai girl and went they get they women in they country. The man treats her so badly. Use girls as slave and make them do bad things. Some man beats them up. Or even cheat on them too. This is how you treat women?? Beat them up, cause they want to do crasy you want them to do?

    Also I heard white man makes thai girls go works for them and he stole her all money for many years and she not even a bar girl just normal girl.

    This is disgusting. So don’t blame only thai girls.

    It is also sickness of white man ..Its not normal man who go gets bar girls. Its not normal 40-80 years old man to get 18 years old girlfriend??? HALLOOOOO that’s not normal.

    Think before blaming/calumniate someone or ther’ country! Every country have bad and good stuff. And anywhere is scammers !

    Its your own choose what do you! And you should know and not let other people scam your money.

    And It’s very shameful to think only money! SHAME YOURSELF!! Pattaya is very shameful! Dont go there! Act like good women!! This is shameful for every women. And man shouldn’t buy girl for money. It is shameful!!

  26. avatar nammon says:

    im a thai is the truth for only bar girl. caz almost thai normal girl dont want your money, they r rich enough, and they have feeling like every girl in the world. i dont like bar girl especially at puttaya . caz they just want money ,dont care about making thailand unfamous.

  27. avatar nammon says:

    if you want to have thai gf who really like u.u pay them oonly for dinner ,this make you gentle, but you dont need to give them monney.

  28. avatar Jim johnson says:

    Looking to visit Thailand

  29. avatar will robinson says:

    I’m under no illusion. I went to Pattaya for 10 days and I loved it. I teamed up with an older but pretty girl for the time I was there and she treated me very well. They are just trying to survive the best they can.
    She is 38 and considers herself over the hill. I don’t care if I can’t find her again when I return but whenever I can I will slip her a few bucks because I have a mailing address.

  30. avatar night-hawk says:

    Hmm…Well…Good start, keep on rolling

  31. avatar Kim Tuffin says:

    Some good comments here, having sponsered for a while I know how frustrating it can be, I caught my girlfriend out, we are still friends. Although I suspected her of having other boyfriends my problem was how to find out who they were. I caught her inthe end, but we are still friends.
    I think I have a better understanding of how they think now, they have a differant consept of love coming out of a differant culture. Many girls come from a very poor background and then meet a western guy with apparently unlimitless money. Many of the guys promise the earth then don’t deliver. We (western guys)often, sorry to say, act like drunken idiots a lot of the time. This makesi t hard to treat us seriously.
    They [the girls] need to make as much money as they can while they still have their looks. You can’t really blame them for having lots of sponsers sending them money.
    there is a saying amougst the Thai girls…. sex will pay the rent but if you can win a guys heart you will be set for life….. and thats what they try to do. Lots of boyfriends hoping one will come through.

  32. avatar Andy says:

    I really do not understand. I have lived in the south of Thailand for 10 years now, I have a lovely wife and a lovely daughter.
    If people come to Thailand and go to the bar areas like Pattaya or Patong in Phuket what do they expect.
    Its true would you marry a whore from the UK or the US? ‘NO’ so why do you fall for the whores here in Thailand.
    I have seen grown men crying saying they have lost all their money to bar girls, shame on them. I do not feel sorry for them.
    See it this way being a bar girl is a job,you want to get paid for, do not fall for the bullshit, Keep away from those areas of Thailand.
    Thailand is an amazing country try to experience the real Thailand not just the whores of Thailand.
    I am sorry to say but it is true in my experience keep away from girls from east Thailand, its as if they are trained by their family on how to get as much money from a westerner as possible.

  33. avatar Sev Wright says:

    What to do?

    I have fallen in love with a Gogo dancer. She is 32 and I am 60. I have seen her 5 times and we communicate daily. I have tried to break the relationship off 3 times but she manipulates and I weaken. She works every night and is honest and up front about her activities ????? I sponsored her for 2 months and she stopped working. Evidence photo of her Pussie hairy rather than shaved.

    I have read the articles and I believe the relationship is doomed but I cannot bring myself to break it off. She wants to get married and move away from Pattaya and set up a small business.

    What should I do?

  34. avatar Kim says:

    Look mate you can see clear as day what will happen it will end in disaster with you losing a whole heap of money and self respect. You just have to admit it to yourself and be strong enough to move on. Please don’t be played for a mug. She will have other boyfriends in exactly the same situation.

  35. avatar Adam says:

    Come on fellas! Everyone knows why we go to places like Pattaya! I am 60. I go twice every a year for two weeks at a time. I stay in a nice hotel, eat well, drink well, enjoy the weather and have a clean out every day with a different lady AND usually don’t have to,pay for it. That’s it! I don’t want a girlfriend or wife. Just go and enjoy yourself then go home until next time.

  36. avatar Annette Kear says:

    My husband of 20 years who is 63 has been cheating on me with a girl from Thailand he has met her many times he doesn’t know I know l have found the bank statements so far he spent on her £2.000 on gifts £3.000 on hotels rooms saw photos on his phone when he has his next holiday at Christmas and new year I will not be hear when he comes back already setting up a divorce and it’s may now I am going to take him to the cleaners he will wish he never been born she can put up with his sore ing ,farting ,haven’t loved him for years so she done me a favour

  37. avatar Steve says:

    I met a bargirl in bangkok. We talked every day for 6 months. She said she wanted to stop being a bar girl. I visited her again after 6 months. We had a great time. I met her sisters. I say I return in 3 months and stay for 3 months. She says she wants that. I return home and she says she wants to visit her family-who she has not seen in 6 months. She says she knows we do not know each other very well and too early to ask for money but she needs 60000 baht to visit her family. I ask if I can come too. She says no. I say I will not give her money. She say to me to find another girlfriend. In other words she was only after the money!

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