Pelourinho Nightlife: Nightlife in Salvador da Bahia

Pelourinho Nightlife, Nightlife in Salvador da Bahia

Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia and the largest city in north-eastern Brazil. The legacy remains today in its large black population. Pelourinho is the older city and the heart of Salvador…

The city has become a favorite resort of both local people and visitors.Pelourinho old city attract numerous backpackers travelers that visit Brazil, mostly because it is cheaper compared to other cities in Brazil. Like any Brazilian city, Salvador da Bahia has a wonderful and busy nightlife. Nightlife in Salvador is exciting. There is always a party going on Salvador da Bahia. Pelourinho nightlife is the best in Salvador da Bahia, but don’t forget, Pelourinho is surrounded by favelas, if you want to go out to party at night, you must be extremely careful.

Out of pelourinho are some bars and cubs as well. If you take a taxi driver try to explain what you want otherwise he will try to take you to one of the cabarets like EROS, so he can take his commission, but I suggest not go inside, as they will church you much more if you are tourist. Rio-Vermelho neighborhood is also a good nightlife spot. Another bar that I recommend outside Pelourinho is Baracca. Baracca was the only bar that I found so many backpackers from South America. Pelourinho hosts every night dozens of music festivals and many of them are free or very cheap. You can hear, all kinds of music, from Samba, to Reggae, Axe, Salsa, to Rock music. Whatever you like, someone is playing-it.


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