Picking Up Thai Girls Guide

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Picking Up Thai Girls GuideThai girls for me are the sweetest and prettiest girls on the planet. It is not only the way that they talk, dance or acting, but the whole packet. Many people that visit Thailand, come back again and again and one of the main  cereasons is the hot Thai girls. The difference with Thai girls,compared with other girls, is that sex is a part of their culture. It is a need for them, like food, water and sleep.  There are many places in Thailand, where you can find sexy Thai girls.

Famous places like Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui or Pattaya and less famous places like Buriram, Surin, Ubon and Nakhon Sawan. It’s a big deference where a Thai girl comes from! Many tourists that come to Thailand don’t understand the difference, as many pretty Thai girls are from places like Buriram and Surin where people are Khmer and still speak Cambodian. Or places like Udon Thani and Korat that people are from Laos. I’ve met girls from every corner of this beautiful country and I can tell you that throughout Thailand you will find 100s of beautiful girls. Many first timers will think that girls in Thailand make everything for money and that are same like the prostitutes in Europe, Canada, Australia and America, but that is not truth. You can take 100 girls without money if you know the way. Picking up Thai girls is not so difficult, and I’m not talking about bar girls or Thai freelancers prostitutes but about normal Thai girls that working in restaurants, super markets or beauty salons. I stay in Thailand for 7 months every dry season, so I have the opportunity to meet a lot of girls that are not prostitutes. Thailand is one of the few places in the world where there are usually more girls than guys, so picking up Thai girls can be easier from other countries, however is also sometimes difficult you will need some advices to get the girl of your dreams. You can pick up Thai girls from everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. Thai girls love to flirt and smile most of the times. Even if they are working, they always want to have fan. Bangkok has sexier girls and more opportunities, as is the capital. But in villages, people are more relaxed and girls easier-going. Everything is negotiable with Thai girls, but you must be careful, because is easy to love a Thai girl.

thai-girls-sexy-thai-girls-hot-thai-girls-pretty-thai-girlsOne of the best secrets in Thailand for picking up Thai girls, is to speak some Thai. Thai girls that are not prostitutes don’t understand good English, as they don’t have the experience with white guys, like bar girls. Picking up Thai normal girls can also be the biggest trap in Thailand. Because many of the girls that working in hotels, restaurants or super markets, go to clubs for extra money at night, so there is not any difference, as they are same like bar-girls. So how I know if she is not a prostitute? It’s easy to understand them if you stay in Thailand for a long time. A normal Thai girl doesn’t have experience with white guys. Girls that work as prostitutes for a long time, want to be treated like Europeans! The majority of normal Thai girls serve their man and be obedient to him.

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  1. avatar yasmin says:

    you have a best site for me

  2. avatar Night-Hawk says:

    Thank you yasmin. We try to do the best for visitors and our members.

  3. avatar stoppa says:

    all thai girls are prostitutes, will sleep with anyone for the right price

  4. avatar Thai says:

    Thailand doesn’t have more girls than guys it’s about equal.

  5. avatar night-hawk says:

    Yes equal!
    But you forget that 20/100 are gay and lady-boys?

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