Russian Girls In Pattaya: Where To Find Russian Women In Pattaya

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Pattaya Russian GirlsSome people asked me where to find Russian women in Pattaya, so I decide to make an article about it. You can find many Russian girls in Pattaya, normal girls and prostitutes! If you have time during your holidays go for normal girls. There are many girls from Russia that come for tourism in Pattaya and looking for action.

If you want cheap Russian prostitutes, you must start from the beach road, where is some Russian girls that take 1000/1500 baht for a short time, but it’s not so usual to find them. There are also two Russian night clubs (A Gogo) on walking street, the Galaxy Cabaret and Moulin Rouge, with European dancers…

They all managed to obtain work permits. It costs 7000 baht for a private lap-dance, no boom-boom! Bar fine must be about 4000 Baht and about 7000 Baht for the girl. To be fair I’ve not been tempted to bar fine any of those Russian hookers. Another good choice is Mixx club. Mixx Disco on Walking Street has some freelancers, hanging around. I think you have to pay for a lady drink, even if you just say hello when they come over! Price is dependent of you and the girl, but usually is around 2000 Baht!

I was lucky a couple of times and took some Russian girls that came to Pattaya for holidays, but in my opinion is not clever to come to an exotic country, like Thailand just to meet Russian girls. Russian prostitutes are expensive and are not worth the money when you can get a stunner in many beer bars for 1000. I mean, go to Russia if you want Russian girls.

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  1. avatar Nino says:

    Most Russian girls do know how to speak English, most of the time are not confident about it and don’t want to sound stupid.

  2. avatar Tanay says:

    Where can I get tall African girls in Pattaya/Bangkok and how much do they charge ?

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