Stockholm Nightlife: Bars And Girls

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Stockholm Nightlife: Bars And GirlsStockholm Nightlife: Bars And Girls: Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities of Scandinavia and without a doubt one of the best places to go out for party. I went to Stockholm for a first time in 1991, and I can say that have changed a lot from that time. Only one thing it will never change in Stockholm, and that’s the beautiful Stockholm girls. The fun in Stockholm doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. There are rock concerts, techno clubs, classical concerts, opera and ballet, performances of all kinds. Sweden is the world’s third producer of pop and rock music. So, pop and rock fans are at the right place.

The minimum age for buying alcohol is 20 years – 18 years in restaurants or nightclubs. Admission to clubs can cost anything between SKr50 and SKr100. Standard hours for bars and clubs are from about 09.00, 02,00, with restaurant bars opening earlier and some clubs closing later (at around 05.00). Smoking is not permitted indoors at Stockholm’s restaurants, bars and pubs. Travelers to the Swedish capital can indulge themselves by relaxing in bars, enjoy operas and drama performances, or match their dancing steps to the vibrant music in the numerous night clubs. Stockholm bars are unique in their ambiance and serving hours. The famous Stockholm Ice bar is one of the liveliest places to find fun Stockholm nightlife.

Clubs And Bars:

Aladdin Barnhusgatan 12-14, 111 23 Stockholm

Berns Berzelii park 9, 103 27 Stockholm

Blue Moon Bar Kungsgatan 18, 111 35 Stockholm

Bonden Bondegatan 1c, 116 23 Stockholm

Café Opera Karl XII:s torg, 111 86 Stockholm

Debaser Karl Johans Torg 1, 111 30 Stockholm

Golden Hits Kungsgatan 29, 111 26 Stockholm

Hirschenkeller Blekholmsterrassen 15, 111 64 Stockholm

Jazzclub Fasching Kungsgatan 63, 111 22 Stockholm

Kharma Sturegatan 10, 114 36 Stockholm

Kvarnen Tjärhovsgatan 4, 116 21 Stockholm

La Cucaracha Bondegatan 2, 116 23 Stockholm

Lokal Scheelegatan 8, 112 23 Stockholm

Metro Götgatan 93, 118 62 Stockholm

Naglo Vodkabar Regeringsgatan 4, 111 53 Stockholm

Patricia Stadgårdskajen 152, 116 45 Stockholm

Pub Anchor Sveavägen 90, 113 59 Stockholm

Stacy Regeringsgatan 59 111 56 Stockholm

Sthlm Kök & Bar Smålandsgatan 2 114 34 Stockholm

The Spy Bar Birger Jarlsgatan 20 114 34 Stockholm

Wallmans Salonger Teatergatan 3 120 07 Stockholm

Victoria Café & Matsalar Kungsträdgården 111 47 Stockholm

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