Why White Guys Like Asian Girls

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Why White Guys Like Asian Girls, Why Asian Women Want White MenWhy White Guys Like Asian Girls? Well I have traveled throughout Asia for 15 years and I saw almost every country. If you asked me, I could tell you, that honestly I also like Asian girls more than others. I like mostly oriental, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Philippine or Thai. That’s why let me start with why white guys like Asian girls. In every place that I have visited in Asia, I met a lot of travelers (males) from different countries and regions. All of them asked me the same question: How very attractive these women are when compared to European and American women !!!

Why are Asians girls very attractive? American and European girls say that Asian women are sexually easy. I think American and European girls are not honest about sex. When white girls go out for drink in a club or bar they give the impression that they do not want to be with guys. For what? What they want to prove? When in the same time they complain that men don’t come to talk to them anymore. Asian women do not seem to have anything to prove, they love to be women and are not the enemy. Asian women are kind and they know how to behave, compared to spoiled American and European girls that want everything. Another thing is that Asian girls dress like girls and act like girls. White girls, with the stupid idea of feminism, have completely lost all the female side of them. They dress like men, they talk like men and make love like a men.

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100 Comments to Why White Guys Like Asian Girls

  1. avatar Mike says:

    I think its because Asian women show more respect twards the man. They dont generally like to fight (although they tend to be exteremly jelous). They think the family structure is the most important thing in the world. Im talking about native Asians that is. To divorce or even break up is shameful. I encourage any white guy to seek a forign Asian wife. They appreciate his love and attentiveness so much more. Its been 2 years now and I still havent been able to marry my Filipino fiance.

    I found an interesting e-book at mailorderbridesecrets.com.

  2. avatar Hannah says:

    wth? i don know where did you guys get those perceptions…
    Well, I am an asian who lives in us. Yes, lots of white and black guys crush on me. However, I guess they just wonder how we make a love. ONLY SEX. Most of guys want to sleep with asian girls not for further relationship. Be Honest guys! just say it !

  3. avatar Mike says:

    Yes, guys like sex but guys fall in love too. I have a fiance in the Fillipines who I cant wait to marry. Many American women have forgotten how to make a man happy and be truely attractive. It’s kind of a forgotten art. Thats why so many men are looking for wives overseas. If a girl wants to attract sincere men she should never cut him down. This makes him want her just for sex.

  4. avatar Sebastian says:

    I don’t thing you are from Asia Hannah and even if you are, you have grown up in US like you say.
    I will agree with Paul that Asian girls that living in Us or Europe have nothing to do with the Asian girls that living in Asia.
    Is all about character. And Asian girls that living in a places like Thailand Philippines or China and Vietnam know very well that guys fall in love too. And that’s the big reason that white guys like Asian girls.

  5. avatar Mike says:

    I totally agree with you. It seems that western women have developed a culture among themselvs that makes them unappealing in terms of attraction. The wierd thing is that they don’t seem to realize this. I hear them talk as if it is the man who is at fault. Asian women tend to monitor their own behavior better. They seem to look more inwardly if they see a problem in the relationship. With western women it always seems to be the mans fault. I find this kind of arrogant irresponsability to be unattractive.

    Pride cometh before a fall.

  6. avatar Tata says:

    I am from Indonesia, i found this site because i like white man in fact my english not good.
    i meet white man from Internet, he is nice and sweet to me and He will come to visit me and i am very happy. I hoped he will like me.
    i really appreciate to this article , i think that is maybe because i am Asian.
    i like white man because i think he know how to treat the woman and if you said asian women know how to make the man happy so this mean white guys with asian woman it was the great couple.
    i can`t to wrote more better but i try with my english.

  7. avatar annie says:

    i am an asian female and i think when you talk about asian girls, don’t generalize the stereotype so much. there are so many asian females out there who aren’t like this. you guys are just describing women who are traditional, in a sense. i guarantee you’ll find this type of female who’s “european or white or western.”

    and concerning mike’s comment, i just want to point out that even if you think “arrogant, irresponsible” women (apparently western) need to look inwards instead of outwards with problems, keep in mind that men do the exact same thing and need to look inwards more often too during problems. in fact, that sort of “solving the problem” issue crosses any sexual or racial border.

    i think white guys like asian girls because they like the stereotype of asian women. the small, petite, polite, bubbly asian girl who’s ultra feminine. and this article plus some of these comments proved exactly that. you’re in love with the stereotype, not the reality of asian women and their diversity. therefore you seek out asian women who fit your stereotype.

  8. avatar sarah says:

    I’m surprised to find so many articles and discussions about men’s preferences over Asian girls. As an Asian girl myself(I’m from Malaysia, btw), it amuses me when people argue about why white men should prefer Asian girls more than white/western girls.I dont know about other cultures but I kinda feel that it’s true to some extent that the Asian girls are more reserved and more “old-fashioned” when it comes to relationships..My culture taught me to be more indirect ( by this I mean as Malaysians we try to preserve the concept of face-not openly criticizing others, being indirect in our communication, being polite and feminine,etc etc).I’m currently studying in the UK and have experienced the same things myself.A good friend of mine said that he finds Malaysian girls very attractive,Idk why, to the extent he’s asking me to find a suitable spouse for him!I think it’s a matter of preference, really:)

  9. avatar Mike says:

    I think it is true of Native Asian women but American born Asian women seem to take on the same attitudes as their American counterparts. I agree that Asian Women and American Men seem to get along better in the long run. American Women say it’s because Asians are ‘submissive” but to me it’s just good manners. Maybe this is the part that the Americans are missing. I know I’m happy with my Filipino girl. Many other Western men are discovering the secrete themselves.

  10. avatar Charmaine Chen says:

    Wow…I didn’t know that Caucasian men have such high regard for Asian women ;p Well, I have always been attracted to Caucasian men, not because I think that they’re better than Asian guys, but because if i were to ever ever ever have kids, I’d like them to be good looking. Having grown up alongside Hollywood films & western media representations, it is quite natural for me to develop a liking for the Caucasian looks. However, I find that not many Caucasian men have the family-loving qualities that Asian men have – ie, it is extremely easy for me to get a Caucasian date, but not so easy to find someone who wants a soul mate

  11. avatar certa says:

    I hope to someday find me a asian soulmate. For me it’s both physical and personality but I am not just looking for sex. I really think asian women are more in tune with my life style then these american barbarians, while not every woman here is like that, but all the single ones in my age group seem to be.

    What man doesn’t like a female asian face I mean come on their irresistible. American women don’t feel the same way toward asian men?

    I’m white btw, born and raised in Washington state. 21 now lived here most of my life.

  12. avatar Charmaine Chen says:

    I’m not sure that Asian women are more “submissive”;p lol. Career-wise, we are very ambitious. But we won’t allow career ambitions to interfere with our roles as a wife and mother. My elder sis, who’s a Finance Director at a large corporation, is also the perfect woman at home – does all the housework, takes care of her kids. Her hubby helps out of course, but out of his own will – not because she asked him to. I will probably do the same for my partner, not because I’m submissive, but perhaps, out of love:) It’s only natural that you would want to do things for someone if you love him, true? I wouldn’t consider that as “submissiveness”… Say, for instance, if I have a partner who smokes, I’d probably get him to quit. I wouldn’t be saying, “Hon, you can puff as much as you want”

  13. avatar asianftw says:

    I’m an asian guy from southeast asia. In my country i see many western men with asian women as their partner and i cant help to notice that all their partners are usually young good looking ladies but not the men. So the fact that these women like western men just cos of the way they are treated is kinda bullshit. Western men have a lot of money and these women like that, and plus they get to migrate to cold climate countries. On the other hand its true that asian women are generally more good looking than typical western girls cos they are cute, small in size and have good skin. SO for western men its all about sex,not love. Most of them are indeed perverts who failed to win over women of their own kind

  14. avatar mongoljin says:

    i am mongolian girl, here also lot of girls like white guys, becaz of not only money, mongolian guys hate girls who likes white man, they think all of those girls are prostitute, its difficult to have white bfriend here, about me i hate mongolian men too much, becaz girls respect them , cook , wash their clothes , cheer them up, to be faithfull, no party ( like their house keeper or pet) but mongolian men forget to respect their wives , make them happy and protect, give attention. they dont know all women have heart, own dream and like sencitive flower. guys drink too much vodka and drug, lazy and heart is too cold. for example my father , brother, my 2 neighbours always hit their wives and drink vodka. its very common in mongolia. thats why i really hate mongolian men and love white men. and also there are not only thai, philipin, china , japan in asia. mongolian girls are much better than china, thai , philipin girls, we are much taller than them, nice body, usually white skin, very beautifull

  15. avatar Aaron says:

    I’ve loved Asian girls since i was 5 years old, that was pure “i think they’re pretty” back then as i knew nothing about the culture.

    I had never dated an asian girl until i was 27. A Second generation Canadian Cantonese girl. Unfortunately that didn’t work out. But it was a much better experience than the Canadian girls i had dated previously.

    After her I dated another white girl and i think that was it for me.

    I’m currently engaged to a girl from Cebu City, Phillipines who moved to Canada just 4 years ago. To me she’s very attractive. Meek but not weak and understands that to have a successful relationship, we both need to respect each other and act according to our genders.

    American and Canadian feminism are only serving now to put 2 men in a household and that’s a territorial faux-pas.

    My experiences dating asian women are not extensive but as of now would never go back. In fact, hopefully i’ll never date again.

  16. avatar moi says:

    I accidentally ran to this website because I both like and mad at this American guy, but I was really curious to know how he really feels but too afraid to ask him.. 😛

    I was just wondering, what is the first thing that a white guy notices from an Asian girl? I am from Indonesia and really looking for a serious relationship with a white guy. But it seems so difficult to find a nice guy with a genuine intention on the net. 🙁

    just like this American guy that I like. I knew him from a dating site, we exchanged emails, pictures-including private pics and clips- almost every day when he was out at sea. but now, after he was back from his deployment, the frequency becomes less and less frequent.. when he was deployed, his emails were so sweet, and i was really swept away by them.. well, call me stupid, i know that this kind of guy was not a bf or even husband material, but i dunno.. i think i just have a huge crush on him. i thought that he prefers to see me naked on cam instead of having a real conversation with me. i am NOT a cam girl..

    ok, so i don’t really like white guys before. i always thought that they are only into sex and short time relationship. never or hardly ever for a serious one. but this opinion changed since my uncle is also a white guy and he is totally different. and i just wish i could find a really nice white guy out there. but then again, this American fellow ruins it..

    well, any suggestions probably from white guys out there somewhere…

  17. avatar night-hawk says:

    How can you be serious about internet relationship?

  18. avatar moi says:

    Well, I don’t actually. But three friends of mine met their husbands through the internet dating. I was quite skeptical about it at first, now I really want to try it. Who knows…

    If you mean serious as in real relationship, I don’t really think so. I am not that stupid. Just try my luck on internet dating sites. 🙂 No pressure. After all, not all dating sites are fake or for fun only, aren’t they?

  19. avatar stranger says:

    i might to out of topic , It may be true that most asian girl think white are attractive , you guys may think that when you come to thailand with is like sex tourlism especially swedish men , they said they come to thailand to get a wife here , most of them are retired , they are old and already have a wife . Most of the time the prostitute in thailand wanna be us citizen or live with a white guy cause they do have a lots of money , they are trying to get away from their poverty cause most of them came from rural area, and it’s not even cool i heard that their parent make them to be a prostitute , it’s a sad story ,somewhat they get to white guy’s white and somewhat white guys just act like they are a hored and those bastard might have STD , and it seemed like white like thai girl are easy , it’s not very one thought , it probably just girls in pattaya , i think it appropicated thing over there , bytheway I’m thai exchange student in us , which is wondering what don’t white girl don’t think as men think that asian are attractive , it more likely american boy like think asian are hot .
    my gramar may not correct , it’s not my first language .. apologize

  20. avatar jesstine says:

    I am going with a filipino girl she is my everything and to be honest them american white girls have that bad attitude on them! Im not trying to sound mean but i have 2 kids by a white woman we didnt work out and i meet this filipino lady and she is so respectful honest and everything!!! So my topic is i love my asian forever!!!!

  21. avatar Roger says:

    I am going to the Phillipines this summer, hopefully I will find a wife. I am white, live in Baltimore. I had a white girlfriend, but she was mean to me. She always complained that I played video games too much and watched too many movies while she did all the housework. I want a woman who won’t complain about that. Plus, I like women with flat chests. My ex had an hourglass figure, with round hips and breasts. At first I really liked that, but then I started noticing other men looking at her. I want a woman that doesn’t draw attention to herself in public, and one that will keep quiet when I don’t want to hear from her. I know asian women have weird shaped fingers and yellowy, oily, porous skin, and sometimes smell like garlic, but I’m willing to put up with that to have a warm body to lie next to me at night and cook me dinner. As long as its not chinees food. She’ll have to learn how to cook American food. Ever since my ex dumped three years ago, this has been my dream.

  22. avatar Amanda says:

    Roger, you are not looking for a wife, you are looking for a maid. N furthermore, “weird shaped fingers and yellowy, oily, porous skin” seriously?? And that asians smells like garlic? I think you meant the senior citizens? And mind you, when people grow old, they all have “weird fingers” because of weakening bones. I don’t mean to be rude Roger, but oh Roger, you are really mistaken, and I feel so sorry for you. Btw Roger, I am a south-east asian girl with chinese ancestry. But no, I dont smell like garlic.

  23. avatar nightowl says:

    Amanda, you are not being rude. Roger is looking for a maid. He sounds like a lazy ass, whose ex dumped him, cause he was getting fat, insecure, and jealous and she was a confident, beautiful woman who wasn’t going to take anymore of his bullshit and realized she deserved better.
    No Filipino girl is going to marry you, and if she does shes only looking to get out of her country for this so called better life that you have convinced her shes going to get with you.
    By the way your Filipino “wife” will not be cooking you chinese food, IDIOT!…she will be cooking you filipino food!
    And you are not looking for a wife, you are looking for someone to praise you, shut up and do whatever you tell her… why not just get a slave by mail, and you won’t even have to leave your couch!

  24. avatar asianguy says:

    Well this is pretty unfair to the asian guys then. In all honesty, as an asian guy myself, we treat the asian girls with full respect but most of the time ignored. Whenever a white guy or black guy comes around, the attention is brought to them and whatever we do is just ignored. Asian men just can’t fit the general public. i mean, since when has an asian guy been an ideal love partner? I asked my asian female friends and they ideally prefer a white guy. They always want a white guy. I mean we got better personalities than white men do and probably more talented. Has it been noticed? No…….

    Sorry, speaking form what i see. But god fucking damn, it is one hell of a pet peeve

  25. avatar certa says:

    That sucks asianguy, might be true but there are still a lot of asian women with asian men who wouldn’t ever consider dating outside their own race. I agree with you though on top of that most of the asianguys I ‘ve seen are om educated and thoughtful. I’m white and I agree but I still like asian women.

  26. avatar Guppy says:

    I don’t know where to begin……. I think it all depends on the person, every body has their own reasons why they want to date an Asian girl or a girl in general. I do feel for asianguy above, I have been living in China for 4 years and have met a lot of Asian men that have GREAT personalities and treat their girlfriends/wife’s very well but I have seen the opposite too. So I do think they do deserve more credit. But I also know lots of Asian girls who have told me that they don’t want to date a white or black guy. They said its not that they are not attractive and wouldn’t be good boyfriends/husbands but they just prefer Asian guys. Now I do think that the asianguy above is arrogant and neive to think that all Asian guys have better personalities and more talented then western guys. Now I am not saying that Asian guys don’t have great personalities because I have met a lot that have amazing personalities and also a lot that have shitty and crappy personalities. The same with western guys. But I also know that Asian guys need to have more confidence in themselves, confidence in getting a girlfriend/wife whether she is white, black, or asian. I have asked girls about what they like in a guy ( I have asked white, black, and asian girls) and they all told me that they have to have confidence in themselves, they said they didn’t care what race they are, they have to be confident that they can get me as a girlfriend and in themselves then I will notice him. Obviously they said other things that they liked in a person but for almost all of them they said confidence is big!!! I think asian guys are selling themselves short! I am an American single guy and I am not looking for anything, I love my single life right now and I prefer it to be that way for a while. But I do know about 4 or 5 American girls that I met here in China that Want to have a asian boyfriend or even a husband but they say that the guys here in China don’t have the confidence to come talk to them because they are afraid. I am telling you there are more white girls looking to have a asain boyfriend or husband then most people think! I know a lot. But I also think people should start realising that our world is becoming more and more culturally mixed and start excepting the fact that it going to happen whether you like it or not. so you can sit there and bitch and cry about it all you want but its not going to change. I also think that unless you have been to both America or any western country and China or anywhere in Asia you have no right to sit there and slump one culture or gender together just because of one or two things you have seen. Right now I know 4 Chinese guys who are dating more then 3 girls at one time…….. do I think that’s pathetic yes but I know for a fact that not all Chinese guys do that and I also know that there are Chinese guys that think that is sick as well. Same with Western guys in America I knew 2 or 3 guys who did the same thing dating more then 2 girls and I knew western guys that also thought it was sick, same goes with both Chinese and Western girls so don’t think its only guys, I have met a girl here in China who has had so many abortions that she is unable to have kids, hey you go to America you will probably find the same thing. Yeah I know that is an extreme but its just an example that its not only the asian guys and western guys that like to get funky. I think people need to stop using race as a crutch and have confidence in what they do and who they want to be with. I know that not all the girls in china are nice, polite, thin, and loving I have met some nasty and mean girls here and I have seen the opposite. I have gone to a couple different countries and have seen the same things in those countries that I have seen here in China and in America, the only thing different is the government. Now about the sex, everyone wants to have sex I don’t care what culture you are from or what race you are everyone wants it but some desire it more then others. If you are going to say that Chinese people aren’t like that… then you need to stop being a pathetic hermit and get out of your basement or house. The college I am at right now in China has 2 or 3 hourly hotels next to them and I have talked to Chinese people who go to other colleges in the same province and other provinces and they say that they have them too. For those of you who don’t know what an hourly hotel is its where people can go have sex and not at their homes because their parents wont let them do it at home because its considered bad if done before marriage you can disagree or agree with me I don’t care I know what I saw and I know what the other CHINESE people told me. Well hey we have the same things in America just not always by the colleges because Americans will pretty much have sex anywhere there’s no people. So no one has the right to sit there and say that our race or our culture is better or the asian guys are better or the western guys are better. Because since living here for 4 years it seems to me that western culture and the asian culture is pretty similar but the only difference is that the western culture doesn’t hide it (which isn’t always a good thing) and make up excuses to hide it. I love it here in China, China is an amazing place with great people both men and women. Every country and culture is going to have its ups and downs but sitting here and complaining isn’t doing jack. So for the asian guys you are selling yourselves short and feel that you have to blame western guys for making things hard for you, I am sorry but I see that as an excuse so you don’t have to do anything but bitch and complain about it. There is nothing stopping you from meeting western girls or having them as girlfriends or even wives, if you are blaming your problems on western guys because you cant get a girlfriend then your pathetic and you have no right to sit there and slump all of us together. Now for the western guys….. you have your reasons to go and date and/or even marry an asian girl but if your reasons are low and pathetic and think of them as only toy to play with then you better be damn ready to face those consequences the come with it. Because let me tell you if I meet a western guy who does this or thinks this way I will beat the shit out of him for give not only Americans a bad name but all the other western countries a bad name. For me when I find the person I want to spend the rest of my life with I am not going to be looking at their race, their culture, their religion etc. I am going to be looking for their personality…. someone that I can laugh with, someone I can cry with, scream and yell with, be my best friend and a crap load of other things, oh and yes I will want to have sex with her all the time!!!!!!!! because her personality will turn me on like no other!!!!!! lol hahahaha whats important to me is personality that is a huge turn on. I don’t care what anyone else thinks about me. You can sit there and tell me that I am a lying sack of crap all you want that’s fine, because I couldn’t give a rats hairy butt hole about what you think of me. That’s your problem not mine!!!! as long as I know the real reason why I am with her that is good enough for me.

    Just to say that none of this is supposed to be offensive to anyone. if you take it that way then you think to much! I wrote it to show you how stupid everyone is being arguing over this. Everyone is different so don’t slump a whole race together just because you see one or two things. That’s like me coming to China thinking everyone is a master of kung fu (which I think would be awesome if that were true!!! haha)

    oh and sorry for making it really long! ha

  27. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    Yes you perfectly RIGHT man!…and i like very much asian girls too…i wish i have a wife like that

  28. avatar jdk says:

    i think that asian ladies are beautiful. i have a girl from the phillipines. i am not america i am a white guy form south africa. she is amazing. and the biggest thing is that when there is a problem we will do everything to rectify it. they have beautiful skin and just seem so pure.

  29. avatar Yokk says:

    I dk but i’m thai n i like white guys i like theirs look n personality i don’t like girls who like older white guys coz they’re just want money

  30. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    personal i like very much Thailandez women and japoneze…uhh if i would find some one for me somewhere!

  31. avatar Jim says:

    I wish people would stop saying asian girl this, asian girl that..they’re not one race or group! Say what you mean! Thais are totally different from, Philipinos, who are different from Chinese, who are nothing like Japanese, who are nothing like Vietnamese, or koreans, mongolians, malaysians, taiwanese, burmese, cambodiam, etc etc etc.Of course within each nationality there’s usualy at least 2 religions, often many more, and a variety of languages and dialects. For example the majority of Philipinos are catholics and most Thais are Budhist, but many are muslin etc
    Personally I like Thais, (Partly because they’re the foreign country I’ve seen the most of) I’ve been to Thailand 3 times for a total of about 12 weeks and met everyone from retired military general to primary school kid, bar girl to 40yo virgin, housewives grandmas, rich an poor, and almost completely without exception found them to be polite and helpful, and many to be beautiful fun and very sexy. Like most people everywhere if you learn a few words of the language and respect them and their culture, you’ll get along fine. Sawatdee Khap! Thai girls! Suay suay! (I’m an Aussie) Sadly too many think that anyone with white skin is rich and wonderful, but of course far from true, although many seem rich in Thailand, back home they’re just regular working guys, renting or paying of they’re home.Some good, some bad, some very bad!

  32. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    okay Jim understand you’re an aussie and i supose u have seen a lot of asian women that is why you speak so easy about these women, but i am from europe where asian people are not so spread. …and now i tal u all a little ”secret” of mine that’s why i want to migrate in Au just for asian women ,i hearsay there are a lot of such dolls

  33. avatar Jim says:

    To Ned Kelly:- There are beautiful women of every nationality here and even more butt ugly ones.Suggest you visit before you migrate, and stop for a couple of weeks in Thailand on the way.(too far for non stop flight anyway, >20hrs to aus) There are more beautiful women in Thailand than there is population of Australia!

  34. avatar Chuck says:

    I love asian women and as a white man I must warn asian ladies that they must be careful with meeting men of an race or culture on the internet. There are a lot of weirdos and mean people in this world and as a man who loves asian women I want you all to be safe. I have seen a lot of lies on the internet insulting american men who date or marry asian women but most guys want a woman they can love we are not looking for a maid as some people say. I like american women but I also like asian women.

  35. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    ooh and guys let not forget about mongolian women ,all those are so adorable,but in same time take care of mongolian males ,they don’t like us!

  36. avatar moi says:

    well, just a thought..

    in my opinion, all women in the world are just the same. the upbringing and cultures that differ them from one another. why Asian women likes white guys and vice versa? i think because they see the white guys are unique in skin colour as well as the characters. same way as the white guys see the asian women.

    western women are taught to be independent even after marriage. while asian women are taught to serve the husband and family and be obedient since the husband is the head of the family.

    but as time gone by, many women in asia are now brave enough to speak out what they want. they don’t have to spend their time only for taking care of the family. but also help the husbands supporting the family by also finding jobs.
    the advance of technology and the ability to speak out influence them in making their preferences as well.

    personally i like white guys because i live in a multicultural family. i work in an office owned by an italian guy and american lady. in my daily interaction i have to communicate with overseas. during my spare time i hang out with my friends from overseas whom i know from my previous job as an english teacher at one of famous english courses in surabaya, east java.

    why white guys? well i think because they are more straight forward and willing to be criticized. since i am a straight forward woman myself and like to speak something bluntly, i find a match in white guys. an argument is more like a discussion. something you hardly find in my local men characters.

    actually there are other things, but for me the main thing is as mentioned above. 🙂

  37. avatar lane says:

    1 reason why we (asian girls) prefer white men bec they are more passionate than our asian guys.. true, asian men make the most sincere and respectful husbands.. but that’s the thing, they respect us too much LOL.. and tend to be so serious bout life.. unlike the white guys who i find more interesting and fun. pls don’t get me wrong, i don’t like to be treated like a whore or some asian slut.. but just based on my own experiences and observations, asian men lose the passion early in the marriage.. becomes so lax and too comfortable in the relationship.. women want passion, romance, and yes, sex.. lots of it .. 😉 but not the mechanical kind like what our asian husbands tend to do.. i think white men brings out the sensuality in an asian woman, who needs a lot of coaxing bec we were brought up to be always mild mannered and traditional.. so we prefer a guy who can nurture our sensuality. although of course some asian women also just go for the money white guys have.. but oh well.. that’s just my 2 cents worth..

  38. avatar to says:

    I’m engaged to an asian woman and one thing she said to me about why she likes white guys is simple. in general they treat women better then asian men. as you mentioned we tend to spoil western women and over the years they come to expect that and as such get “bitchy” while the asian women don’t expect it they do like it and at least in the short term feel more appreciated because of it which of course is why we do it. the trick i guess is to not “spoil” them. give but don’t give to much, it’s a fine line and hard one to keep track of. but i would agree most asian women are a lot more loyal then western women after they settle down they focus on the family and are not nearly as selfish as a lot of western women. (not all ofcourse plenty of nice western girls out there:)

  39. avatar Night-Hawk says:

    To, that was a cool comment,

  40. avatar Wayne: says:

    Hi, I read some of the first fellows comments about Asian women, and I wonder if he’s married to one. I am, and maybe I got a dud, but she is a Filipino, and Solomon’s statement: “It’s better to live in the corner of the attic then with a contenteous woman”. My Filipino wife of 5 years is the most contenteous woman I’ve ever known. I’m 65, 60 when we married, and she was 45. Our first night at my home she raped me, litterally, as I had told her I wanted to wait until we were married. (I didn’t come as it wasn’t sexy). After that all she wanted to do was argue, to make me believe what she believed, no matter what. If I don’t agree I am brow beat until a fight ensues. A month later I asked her to leave as we fought every night/day. She flew to NY, so she said, as she lied in every word that came out of her mouth. She still does. I did not care I never wanted to see her again. After a week she called me TELLING me she was coming back. I owed it to her that I marry her. I used her by being intimate. That’s why she raped me so she could say that. I felt no guilt, I told her not to come back, BUT, she did, well, no, another woman did, saying it was the first one. Very different, but she swore she was her and I was crazy. Well, this one argued too. Well, I married her so that she could get a citizenship, and her daughter who was in college in the Philippines. Well, I figured if I married her, MAYBE, maybe she’d appreciate it enough to settle down. Nope, not only did she argue, but she did strip teases in front of the windows when cars were parked outside. I know as I told her not to go into the living room as I hadn’t put the blinds down yet and a car was parked outside with a guy sitting in it. She said, “Your house, your rules”, went in there our of the bathroom, stood in front of the window a few seconds dropped the towel and stood there with a bra on, bra only. I went it there and asked her how long she was going to expose herself, no comment. I went back into the bedroom and watched her thinking I’d never love/care about her ever again. That was 3 months in to the marriage and I hate her still. BUT, I feel sorry for her as she does things that have destroyed us, and she can’t help it, why, I do know. She’s a Filipino. That’s right, she jealous, she’s insecure, these are common charactoristics of Filipino’s. She was divorced in the Philippines and I read the judges comments and Physchiatrist comments. He said, “There might be one man in a million who could live with, $%^&, and if she finds that one maybe, maybe she can have a happy marriage. But if she cannot find that one in a million she should remain divorced”. I sware that is what he said. The sad thing now is maybe 3 to 5 hours out of every day she is normal. But she does not allow me to touch her pussy, hates me to do oral sex on her, last time I tried to make love to her, this was her comment while I was down on her. “I told you I don’t like that, (smiling as she said it). I said, I’m just trying to find something that you’ll like. She said, “I told you I don’t like that, just come on up here stick it in and get it over with”. My blood boils just to write that.

    She’s the lyingest woman I’ve ever known.
    She hates sex, at least with me/or her husband. She’s flirty with others.
    She never made breakfast for the first three years.
    She’s put drugs into my pill bottle.
    She worked friday night until saturday morning sitting for old woman: I called her at work one night when I needed her and someone else answered her cell ph. Hung up on me and in about 5 minutes wife called me telling me she couldn’t talk when I called.
    Here’s what I really hate, HATE!!! When I catch her in a lie, she’ll tell me I’m stupid, I’m confused, I’m old, ect. Never, never admitting she lied.

    She’s gone now up North, visit, and I took her to the airport and told her right before she got out, don’t come back. She will. If I only had the balls to lock her out, but I’m a good person, and I hate myself for that. Listen to this. I sware this it true: She worked 2 years at a good job, insurance, and never once offered to spend her money for utilities, or other regular things. I bought a car so she could drive to work, and she drove once and didn’t like walking two blocks so I took her until she was laid off. Now hear this, seriously, she told me her Filipino frinds and relatives, could not believe I was going to make her pay half the utilities here. Now I am retired making total about $19,000./year. She was making the same, but did she help, no, did her people think she should, no. Speaking of no! We have sex, maybe one time every 1 1/2, to 2 months. I masturbated one night right beside her, she got up and left becasue I asked if she’d touch my penis to help me. Afterwards she came in there and said, “This works out good, now that you can do that,, I won’t hve to worry about staying up at night. (one night every two months. Are all Filipino’s like that. She’s no better then trailer trash.

  41. avatar Wayne: says:

    To Annie who comments on Asian girls, sterotyped as petite, bubbly, ect:
    I’m Wayne and commented about my Filipino wife who lies, argues, works and makes more then my retirement, and won’t pay a penny for out utilities, ect. But, I just have to comment about what you said Annie:

    My wife said, Before we married, “Filippino women never get fat like American women. It’s in our genes to stay petite. Ha! She was at that point, at 40 up, maybe younger, a Filipino woman gets that pregnate stomach look. Then her face got those big old jouls in her cheeks. honestly, she resembles a piggy. I’m sorry, I’d never tell her as mean as she is to me, calling me an old man with a limp dick, and worse. I cannot hurt her, if I only could I could leave her. Or send her packing. Let me say this. This is the truth. I have a back injury, surgery, the works. I’m healthy, work out and am actually in better shape then my 17 year younger wife. Yet, due to back I cannot always get it up, or, more likely, the fact that my Filipino wife won’t allow me to touch her, or no foreplay, no kissing, just stick it in and get it over with. Maybe that is why I could not get it up. So, because I thought it might be me, and maybe that’s why she’s so hateful, I went and got a penile implant. It’s been several years since I got it, and we’ve had sex , (not made love as she doesn’t do that), used it5 to 10 times. And then she’s bitched because I’d ask her to make love. The only reason she’s with me now is becasue she gotten fat, ugly, and I look younger then her now, therefore she won’t leave. I thought she wanted my SS and retirement, which I’m sure that’s why she won’t leave, but she wants more, she wants my soul. She’s jealous, and she can’t stand me possibly finding love if I boot her out. She doesn’t want me, but she won’t allow anyone else to have me. So, she’ll be trying to come back in a week, and maybe I’ll say that old familiar word she’s taught me so well. “No”! I ran out of room on the other one I wrote so I would like to finish here, so as to be fair. Please, I realize all Filipino’s are not like my wife. She’s sick, the judge more or less said that. I should have never married this Filipino woman, but I did. But to be fair, I know several other Filipino women and 50 per cent of them seem OK. But I will say this, be sure if you are a man and you want a filipino wife, be sure you get the right 50%, because if you don’t, you will pay. The bad part of the 50% are bad if, IF you want to wear the pants in the family. And this is important, don’t ever, ever everever marry the first born girl in the family, as they think, THEY THINK everyone, and I mean everyone bows to them. That’s how it is I think in the Philippines. I say, I think, cause I have never been there. My wife went after we were married, and I wanted to go, but she dared me to go with her. I was not allowed to go with her. She didn’t want me to meet any of her family, ect. I think she was a ‘no telling what there’. The sad thing is if she had been a whore it woudn’t have mattered to me, heck, I’d not mind being married to a whore if she was kind and gentle natured. I will say this, I’d much rather be married to a whore then this bitch I’m married to. But, I’m ashamed to admit it, but even after all the abuse, my heart hurts for her. I think she’s sick and she can’t help it. Or, it’s the way, THE WAY, Filipino women are. I hope not, but I know a lot of guys who have problems with their women. I’m thinking of one right now who is weirder then my wife. Culture Shock maybe, for 5 years, gee! But, let me say this, I’d love to have an Asian wife who was like we think asian women are. Yes I would. And if I can get her to move in with her sister or her daughter who I got her citizenship too, well if she will move in with them, I will go to China, Japan or Thailand and try to fine one who is normal. However, never, nevernevernever again will I have anything to do with a Filipino woman. Oh Annie, about the fat talk I started with. What erks me is my wife laughs at the fat American women now and doesn’t notice how she looked a few months ago. I take my wife to the gym and work out with her so as to help her work out. she likes it that way and I have always worked out, but gee, fat happens and we shouldn’t laugh at it. In all honesty, I’m a breast men, and my last wife had A breast, and I loved her dearly. But this one has A’s I guess, as I don’t get to see them often. Not tits is OK, but not if your being abused as I am. Then I ought to get something from or for it. I really think the Japanese women and chinese women on the computer are really pretty, and busty. But maybe Thai women on the average woman has a C breast. Oh well, she’ll never leave, never, so, close.

  42. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    sorry for you Wayne..ohhh i don’t know what to say ,your story make me now thinking twaice befor try something with a Filipino woman or other asian…well what else i say guys if u looking for some wife frendly careful and trustwordy just come here in east europe in my country Romania and u will find here a perfect wife …but ohhh unfortunateli for me and other ramanian males have no chance because the romanian women are hate us ,but if u are from other coutry it’s perfect coz you ar Mr-right for such women anyhow Good Luck !

  43. avatar KIERA says:




  44. avatar james says:

    Wayne you best think about divorcing her and not waste anymore of your life with someone who makes you miserable like this. She cannot make you be with her if your don’t want to be with her so start the divorce proceedings pal. It may cost you to be sure but atleast you would be free of her and a lot happier . Once devorced she is not elligable to collect any of your social security or what other pension you have or will have but you will take a hit if you have property , but hey nothing is free ‘ get rid of the bitch and be far happier.

  45. avatar Henry says:

    Wow so many of you all went for the Filipinas. I visited there but it’s so Americanized, you can hardly distinguish a filipina from an American born one.

    In my opinion, women in their culture really look at foreign marriage as a money transaction. They pretend to be righteous and faithful catholic wives, but they’ll sleep around occasionally.

    I know a lot of Filipinas and I hate to talk badly about them, they really are so sweet but I’ve seen a lot of white guys get burned by them. YOu don’t even understand that foreign marriage is one of the biggest industries in their economy. They’ve been preparing to marry a foreigner since they learned to watch TV.

    Chinese girls, now they are often oblivious to foreign marriage. They will hold you up to the same standard as a Chinese husband which is hella high. Why go fishing where everyone’s got their line in the water?

  46. avatar Adrian says:

    Well,i like Korean girls,it is true even there are very beautiful girls in South Korea,i only date the most beautiful ones,like the ones who are models or plays in movies ,That,s the best thing there you can find the most beautiful girl in the world on a cofee shop.The korean woman,s you might think that if they have important jobs,they are succeseful,they behave like western bitches but,they are still as inocent as any other.You can,t find better than that God damit !

  47. avatar Rick says:

    I think it’s hilarious to assume that foreign Asian women will marry a white guy for money… as if a native white woman wouldn’t do the same. 🙂

    I am marrying a Filipina I met while working in Manila for an American company. She’s leaving her homeland for me. I’m not rich. Her lifestyle will not be remarkably better with me, even in the US. I have no doubt there are bad Filipina women, but certainly no more than with any other ethnic group. I’m not looking for a slave, and she’s not looking for a meal ticket. We just connected.

    Sure, there are creepy 60 year old white guys who go to Asia for 20 year old poor girls, and that’s sad and weird and wrong. But that’s not the rule.

    As worldwide communication becomes essentially free, and travel cheap and safe, there will be more mixing like this. It’s a good thing. Inbreeding is bad, both culturally and genetically. 🙂

    BUT, I will be honest. I do enjoy having a more traditional relationship. I do like being the guy, and her being the lady. Heck, we had a chaperon on our first date, and she was 35 at the time. And I didn’t mind. It showed me that her family cared.

    Today it seems the American female ideal is just a guy with a vagina. That’s not appealing to me. I didn’t realize I had a choice until I started working abroad. And yes, I could easily be called a dinosaur — but truly, I’m not. I just like a world with roles and a little formality. I like the dance. Today, equality has become equivalency… and that’s boring, and inaccurate. There are some things women are better at. There are some things guys are better at. I wish we would develop a culture that appreciated that, instead of lambasting it.

  48. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    so!…what else can we do guys?,..what we have to choose…white woman (from europe) like now arabians ,indians ,africans everythink bunt not us,in USA i gather white woman likes black ….so only one solution for us is asian woman …but the question is who is the best from all ?!

  49. avatar lauren n. says:

    My bf (who happens to be a caucasian) told me a few months into our relationship that he has “Asian fetish”. I was shocked because being an Asian myself, I felt objectified. He explained that perhaps “fetish” isn’t the right word but he prefers Asian girls because of Asian girls are polite and well-mannered etc. Can you guys really look behind the fact that we’re Asian?

  50. avatar M says:


    Yea, of course we can, it comes from learning about and loving the person you are with.

    The “fetish” thing is not necessarily a bad thing as long as he loves you for who you are. Its really a preference like any other. I happen to have a “thing” for Asian girls but i also like caucasian girls with red hair and freckles. Now i’ve dated plenty of girls that weren’t either of those but what ive learned is that i really like Red heads and Asians when it comes to looks.

    Now my gf is Japanese and that was my initial reason for being interested in her.. Is this a bad thing? No i don’t think so, you got to have some spark at the start that makes you want to find out about someone. I was genuinely curious about her.

    But the reason im still with her is because we are so good together…. but it couldn’t have happened if i didn’t think Asian girls were hot!!

    So if your getting all the good relationship vibes from him too… why worry about it, its just something that helped you find each other!!

    All the best

  51. avatar Khong says:

    I am an Asian guy, I dont find Asian girls hot… ok, some of them but it’s very rare! They remind me of my sister and they all look the same and sometimes, I got so annoyed because they always trying to be cute… I hate cute…

    Since I came to Sydney, I have been dating white girls, from Russia, Poland, Austrian, mostly eastern European girls. I think they are extremely smart and beautiful and they are much more gorgeus than Asian girl, also has that skinny body and more superior porcelain pearl white skin with hazel or blue or green eyes. They drive me insane!!

    Always my Asian friends (girl) comes up to me and ask me why I only like white girl, and my answer is simple, “Why are you dating white guy?” and they can never answer me back… Asian girls are so narcist, they might seem nice to you, but hey I am asian, and I grew up with girls because I am the only boy in the family and I know how two face they are, well… most western girl in english speaking countries does too, that’s why I prefer eastern european, because they think I am exotic and I thnk they are intelligent and gorgeous. With Asian girl, I would never have that feelings… they turn me off big time… and who said Asian girl has the hourglass figure? I would lugh so hard, my teeth would dissapear, women are all the same, when they give birth, they will start to lose their figure. They won’t be like Elle Mcpherson who still looks so fab in her 50’s without any surgery or some crap. Wake up people! Do not rely on stereotype!

  52. avatar Filipina says:

    I’m an asian girl,being specific,I’m a Filipina.
    and also I’ve never had my firsts..not even my First Kiss..because I want all my firsts to go to a Guy that I will stay with until I die.And also for my opinion ..I DON”T CARE WHAT RACE.I think I’d like White guys but..I just think asians like me are more Honest and you know like..STICKS to you….But for me I think everyone should love anyone they’d like.

  53. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    what about black males,…do you asian girl like blacks??

  54. avatar Jw says:

    As a woman, I can understand the appeal of Asian ladies. Many are very lovely in mannerism and appearance. Western women are equals now and some men can not handle it. Asian women are more easy going I would say. Western women have spoken opinions and their own money and they keep their careers just like men do after children. So, its more of a preference, I would think than anything else.

  55. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    Well that’s the true Lady!,…..asian women are our(white males) preference and is NOT A FETISH ,is just that great desire to have a lovelly ,careful and a devoted wife..at least this is what i’m looking for;one wife sweet and lovelly, for all the rest of my life

  56. avatar Evangeline says:

    khong, i agree with you here “I dont find Asian girls hot… ok, some of them but it’s very rare! They remind me of my sister and they all look the same and sometimes, I got so annoyed because they always trying to be cute…”

    I’m a full Asian women (burmese) raised in Australia and basically half of the people around my suburbs are Asian. We don’t all fit in the ‘petite, bubbly’ category. In fact, I’m pretty sure MOST asian girls only act like this because of what they’ve read from comics. You know the ones where they cook little cupcakes for their boyfriend or is extremely clumsy.

    I quite tall and don’t care about mens money. thats more for the foreign chicks and when i get married the the white guy i’m not going to be a little maid cleaning after his mess. Pfft. But i am still traditional in some aspects, no clubbing and is total fashion/astronomy geek.

    My boyfriend is white and he totally respects me. I dated a half asian/white for 3 years and he respected me too much. Always serious and never relaxed. Now my current boyfriend is easy to talk to and respects me but gives me SPACE. Like thank god. I hate feeling suffocated. Besides, personally, my sex life with my white fiance is more intimate whilst with my asian boyfriend it was like with a machine. >=/

    Really it just depends on personally, i don’t really care about race. Besides when you have kids with a white they’ll be like hot. Basically any half-cast looks good ahaha.

  57. avatar Paul says:

    Well I have always been attracted to Asian women. And my girlfriend is 20 years younger than me and I make no apologies. She is Filipina. She doesnt like filipino men because most r unfaithful. She has darker skin so in the Philippines with their obsession with fair skin she has been made to feel ugly. She is anything but, she is gorgeous. We will have a family and be happy I am guessing but sex is really not the primary reason we are together. We just like to laugh and joke and have fun together. She is quite bright and speaks english well, so there are not a lot of communication issues. I have dated Thai women and japanese women. I think Thai women are incredibly gorgeous but the language is always and issue and the culture is quite different. They really seem more into a man’s money. I think marriage can work in any culture if people are honest and respectful but just take your time. So many people seem to rush into these inter cultural relationships.

    My ex wife was an asian raised in America. She was controlling and egotistical. She had serious personality problems and would easily fly into a rage at any sign of disagreement. She had no respect for the things I enjoyed yet expected me to want to be involved in all of her activities. I was miserable. So I moved on.

    I will live my life with my girlfriend in a loving and respectful way but if she changes or acts like a crazy woman I know I will move on if we cannot work out our differences. Life is too short. I am not attracted to white women. It is simply a preference. Lots of them arent attracted to me either and that doesnt bother me. When I was young and so many white girls were horny for black men I didnt care. It was their choice. Same with men who like asian women. Just a choice.

    Having said that. I have met many many women in the Philippines and it took a while to find one that I could truly love and trust. Some guys are blind or just plain stupid. They part easily with their money and try to act like a savior. They want a girl to be indebted to them for getting them out of poverty. That is just plain crazy. Learn to have a real relationship!

    Lastly many asian women want children with light skin and long noses etc. I have heard this a lot. White men in asia are more scarce so they have options. If u return to ur country with her well u better be sure about her cuz she will start to see other men she could be with. So be careful guys! make sure u meet the family and friends and that you have a good one. You can tell a lot about someone by who they associate with.

  58. avatar Ned.Kelly says:

    whatever…the white women & black man= ugly and primitive kids…but
    White man & asian women= wonderful and intelligent kids….that’s it evidently!

  59. avatar real_azn_girl says:

    i really wanna say something here…im an asian girl who is not attracted to white guys so I’m completely objective in this post cuz im not exactly flattered by white men liking asian women. honestly i need to enlighten u guys with some reality…
    the reason why Asian women seem better than western women to you white men is because u dont KNOW THEM as WELL as you know white women…its like the saying “the grass is greener on the other side”…trust me, go and speak to ASIAN MEN about how their ASIAN girlfriends and wives are like, and i 100% guarantee you that they will have the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS white men complain about regarding white women…ppl always think what they dont have is better…that’s why white men live in a fantasy world thinking that Asian girls are better..but its just not true….honestly i think its just an excuse…i would have more respect for these white dudes if they were just honest about it and stated the plain and honest truth – that the reason why they like Asians is due to lust – rolls eyes with disgust –

  60. avatar Andrew says:

    I have enjoyed reading all the blogs; so many different perspectives and from such diverse backgrounds.

    I was born in Sydney Australia to Spanish/English/Scottish parents and currently living in America and fortunate to have a wonderful, loving and caring women, who happens to be Chinese/Taiwanese – Mother is Chinese/Taiwanese and father is Japanese

    In 1965 at the age of 10, I traveled to China, Hong Kong and many countries around the world. My family befriended a young Chinese boy travelling back to Hong Kong after recently graduating high school overseas in Australia.

    In the years that followed from 10 -17, my family owned and operated a hotel in Australia, where I was fortunate to meet many different cultures from around the world; The Japanese Bunraku puppet theatre from Tokyo, members of the Royal Thai ballet, The Balinese dance group, the Indonesian dance arts dance troupe and many other visiting countries. Each time I spent 4 weeks alongside the people, watching, learning, eating and studying our differences.

    At the age of 19, I was curious about where these people lived and so I spent the next 14 months travelling and staying with many of the people I had made friends with over the years.

    I was truly humbled by the families and friends I stayed with during my travels and reading over my journals, I remembered a few of the words below:

    Censorship, timid, shy, inhibited, unsmiling, look very stern, serious and solemn, loyal, conforming, caring, humbling, loving, trusting to name a few.

    I think it is illogical and inaccurate to make generalizations since they already “generalize themselves” by conforming to set society standards in each of their countries and If you’ve never been outside America, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand or if you’ve only been to “two countries” they will seem like different worlds at first glance.

    It is now 2010 – Many people are talking about traditions and why white men like Asian women and vice versa. Women and men who are in their 40’s and 50’s remember their own traditions and values, but since the western world opened up to many of the Asian countries in the early 80’s, there have been some social changes.

    “Perhaps each person should be respected for their individuality first and then their culture”

  61. avatar Fred says:

    I live and work in an Asian country perminantly. I am northern Eueropean and I can answer the questions why Asian girls and why western men are attractive to each other. On the man’s side, men love the delicacy and feminity of Asian women. I gather Asian women are attracted to Caucasian men because they appear powerfull and successfull. This is not always the case ofcourse, by perceptions are strong motivators. Now a comment on Caucasian women. Many are beautifull, tall elegant and dominant. And that is where the problem comes. Who wants a dominant woman. Its like marrying your mother. But there are many big ugly fat self indulgent caucasian women that guys run a mile from. And as some comments show, westren women seem to have to prove something to men, like how masculine they can be. Who wants that? If I want that I could just marry my fishing buddy. Untill caucasian women regain their feminity they are going to be fishing on the wrong side of the net.

  62. avatar Cool_2010 says:

    The way I see it is , most of the interracial relationships are between black men and white women, white men finds this insulting that there women prefer black men over them,,,, so the white men turn to asian women as kind of revenge.

    Asian women do love white men because they have big penises !!

  63. avatar harrist says:

    I think you rite! asian womens likes! white man! though! its because asian womens are stupids! that’s facts! (I am asian Guys) so I know about them! at least only 10 percent that have real brains! 😛
    so for wihte guys better to find! asian girls to be your wife! and for asian guys! should get white woman!of course if they like! the little stuff! 😛 lol !

    just kidding! ok! maybe not! 😉

  64. avatar Gavril says:

    Wrong, I never heard here in Europe people saying they would rather date Asian over Caucasian women.. Have you seen how Eastern European women look like ? why would any guy want an Asian woman over a hot blond girl ? Your theory sucks…. Plus in my opinion Asian genes are weak..do you see how Asian males act and are ? I don’t want to mix with an Asian girl and have a boy who look like a girl.. No thanks

  65. avatar Gavril says:

    Beside by mixing with Filipino..you only ruin the Caucasian genes…… I’d rather have my child with blue eyes and brown hair.. Besides all the Filipino men are so girl and that gene is be passed by the mother..it’s just sick.. That is why the world is getting gradated.. what would happen if all White men would mix with Filipino or Chinese ?? then we wouldn’t be who we are today… fu.. people who promote mixing at such degree.. we ruin what our ancestors worked so hard on.. Being white is such a blessing and we are so different from other races..

  66. avatar Jackie says:

    Everyone has their say about Asian ethnicities and caucasians.
    Men and women, I believed they are right with their own intepretations.
    I’m Malaysian Chinese myself and I have seen many of my female friends who married caucasian husband or man of other races.
    So far, I have not seen anyone of them who has ended in divorce yet. They are happily married and I have to say, most of my female friends are well educated, and most of them working as professionals.
    They met their husbands when they further their degree overseas.
    I feel, it is all boils down to the girl’s education and family background.
    Let’s just take away the skin colour. Ask yourself, what kind of woman/man you wanted to be with?
    Is it true, the asian/white/black/red???
    I think everyone wanted to date/marry the best girl in the country (if there is a competition held).
    The least is, someone who has the good qualities of being understanding, feminine/masculine,a responsible person, loving, caring and a giver. What adds on to that, also someone who is educated and they will have wider understandings of issues going on in life and will be providing proper education for the children.
    Let’s us all not stereotyping one and another.
    So, the next question is, how to determine you’re not stereotyping the woman that you like (asian)?
    A person’s upbringing is very important. This attributes to man and woman out there.
    If you are really in love with a woman (regardless of their race), first, both must agree to a common ground of thoughts. Both of you u believe marriage is a holy matrimony and you cherish each other.
    I sincerely believe, education play a vital role in developing a person’s characters.
    A person’s family background is also important. If a man/woman came from a poor family teaching, whereby there are always never ending arguements, I feel, this woman/man will not be the right choice for marriage.
    A woman who knows how to takes care of themselves and know their boundaries as a woman. Many woman today, just worked too hard to prove to man they are equal to man. To me, I just find that unnecessary. It makes most good woman loses their feminity and becoming too independent. They dont need anyone except themselves.
    Don’t simply marry for the sake of your hormones. Love can be blind and mostly all the time.
    I believed, there are many good women out there, regardless of their race. Find a proper one and hopefully, not the one that Mr Wayne have had found. lol.
    Good luck to all you guys out there. 🙂

  67. avatar Ned.Kelly(catalin) says:

    For @Gavril. You know what?, i am from east europe and i know very well how eastern european women look like! ,they are look like materialistic bitch ,who looking for to marry just with rich man indifferent of hims race or age. So yap, i am an eastern european ;tall blond with blue eyes and with lost appetite for white women, that why i rather marry with an asian woman ;thailandese,pfiliphine,taiwaneze…no matter nationality ,but some where from Asia, an asian doll…

  68. avatar asian says:

    why asian girls wants to get married to white or black.
    of course its for MONEY or GREEN CARD. especially THAILAND,CHINA, INDONESIA and PHILIPIN girls.
    I saw lots of them.
    JAPANESE girls seeking white or black bc its their dream to be with foreigners, wants guys ancestored cute babies and guys treat girls like princes “they loves lady first things lol”
    Im not saying all of them but unfortunately MOST of em are just for money or green card. they”poor countries girls” are also looking for japanese guys to.
    they will treat guys nice but its not their real person..
    my some friends divorced who married to asian.
    and they said didnt know that asians r so aggressive or fake..
    asians are just like porn stars. just dream girls.
    they will send your little money to their parents or keep it to their own bank account.
    this is the true asian stoy.
    some jp girls r idiot bc they care about thire babies looks so much so sometimes it will be two diffrent group asian looked babies moms VS foreigner looked babies mom… thats sad… few stupid jp wifes who the babies taking totaly dads race, they think everybody wont be mad at them when thier children did rude or bad things to somebody bc their children are cute. thats stupid right?
    not them but they are too crazy to foreigers

  69. avatar minna says:

    hi, i’m an asian girl. I’m from Mongolia and I live in the US. Honestly, I don’t like it that white boys assume asian girls as “interesting cute little DOLLS!!!” I am small and people often tell me that I look cute. However, I never tried to look cute and I don’t like to be considered cute. Also, I’ve grown up in a culture where males dominate and we, females, have duty to take care of the household, raise up our children and respect men a lot. Males in asian countries are somewhat spoilt, majority of them don’t pay proper attention to their wives.(is;t considered lucky if a woman has a husband that doesn’t drink and doesn’t beat her!!! 🙁 )
    I always thought that european and american men were more responsible and more sincere than asians. But I’m sad to learn that most white boys are “interested in asian girls just because they are cute and know how to treat a man.” It’s nice that you, white guys, think asian girls are logical and loyal, but it still hurts that you speak such rude things about white women. I think white women are very attractive,confident and independent, which are good and necessary qualities in these days!!!
    Yes, some asian women do look for white men because of money.
    And there are girls who like caucasian male features such as blue eyes, blond hair and straight nose .
    As for me, I am interested in white men because I think they’re sincere, good-humored, reliable and responsible. However, there is a fear in my chest to be taken as a “cute doll” by a white guy and it prevents me to start a serious relationship with a white man.
    I know some very cool asian boys, though. However, it’s true that they are not confident. Maybe they’re used to get attention from a girl first?!?!?

  70. avatar Ned.Kelly(catalin) says:

    Well @Minna, I believe the most of white males looking for a serious relationship with a woman .Well yes of course not all ar serious for example i heard in US the white brothers are little naughty with girls ,but in the last i’m sure they’ll looking for something serious and lasting, well i’m not sure and i don’t judge.
    But what can i tell you sure is that here wher i am from (eastern europe) the most man looking for some serious relationship to found himself family,a wife some kids and a wonderful life with better and worse … such as life. And yes that is what i’m looking for too ,but unfortunately only women available for such things are old women who can NOT offer what we young man looking for…that’s the problem!

  71. avatar Lin says:

    I’m an asian girl, I dun reli think asian girls are that attractice as you all might thought. It’s like generalizing asian girls are submissive, tradtional, mysterious and alll that stuff…there’re good/bad women all around the whole world. There’re many asian gold diggers also. I agree asisn girls are pretty kind, but I have to say some intend to do so cuz they just wanna practice english with you, or wants to be with you to get rich/green card. And a lot of them aren’t feminine I know it well. For example, would you hang out with a girl who walks like a cowboy? Or would you make love with her as she doesn’t wear deodorant and stink all over her body? I know a large amount of asian doesn’t wear deodorant and they dun even shave, they have bad breath and they laugh like sharks/T-rax and eat with mouths opened and many other things that you could only notice when you’re with her for a long time…

    Furthere more, they wear shiton of makeup.

  72. avatar Bigfoot says:

    Symbiosis – everybody get’s their needs satisfied best by the other. But if you wanna get screwed – trust Asian women. LOL!

  73. avatar Ned.Kelly(catalin) says:

    I think is more rather an asian woman than a white cow
    Personally i’ve get screwed in the past too many time with the white bitch.
    Thats why i prefer trust more in a asian women(at least the asian want to have kids ,white btch just sex and fun)

  74. avatar red_choco says:

    Hello, just want to share here…

    I’m an Asian and from Indonesia. I was not looking for caucasian/white men before, my ex BF was Indonesian as well but it did not work out as we got so much different ways of thinking and he was extremely jealous with all my male friends and never treated me equally, never had two ways communications, never supported me if i say i wanted to study more, or hated to say that he underestimated me most of the time! seriously (sorry for Asian men, not all of them are bad, just some, but i thought they way we are thinking just different now)

    Then i met this Australian guy, he worked in the same industry like i am, he is absolutely just what I am looking for! First thing that it makes me fall in love with him cause he is so smart! to me, a smart person is ABSOLUTELY ATTRACTIVE to me! we could discuss things from various types of topics. He shared lots of things to me, treated me equally all the time, respect me a lot (damn this is what makes me 100% love him big time!!!) we could spend hours and hours to talk and talk and never stop! hahaha crazy isnt it, you find a person that fits to you and really you find your soulmate is amazing thing! we have two way communications, he always asks my opinion, and he is a very family man that takes care of his family. He will always be there when i am down and stressful from work and listen to me when i have shit day, and so am i will listen to him whenever he needs me. thats what partners do, supporting each other in any kind of situations. we both actually amazed and so blessed to find each other, its very rare and not all people are like us but we hope you guys will find your true soulmate! really great thing when you see something and your partner sort of have the same thought like you do, and you both can just laugh to see the same thing you want to talk abot.. so lucky!

    I ever asked my husband why he likes me as am an Asian, and he said because first of course from my looks hahaha common answer..! i have long black hair, big round and black eyes, small and full lips (he said he really loves my eyes and lips), nice black eyebrows, coffe milk skin color thats what he told me haha..(cause am not white but not too dark as well) am slim and to him its very sexy.. oh what a compliment from him! he said Asian woman (that lives in their own country and not raised in western culture), has been taught in their family the value of respecting a relationship and how to respect their husband, how to be a good mother and also a good wife at the same time. He falls in love with me more cause he sees that im independent woman (i work for a living in a multinational company and am not clinging on him for money) and he said that im very successful person and in fact he saw me that im very strong person and tough and will speak up whenever it comes to injustice and i will fight for it and im not easy to give up. He saw me dealing with foreigners/expatriates/caucasian men at work (90% of my workmates and managers are foreigners/caucasian men) But once it comes to a relationship with him, it turn me to be a very nice person and loving and tender to him and gentle and respect him on the top of all and of course my husband and my family is number one than everything!

    I hope for you guys who are still looking for partner, go for it!!! we all are not born lucky, the fate is actually formed from all your decision so, dont miss it, you might just get one chance and grab it!!! 🙂

  75. avatar Asian Alien Man says:

    The fate……if asian woman and white man love each other, if white woman don’t like asian man (except the masculine gigolo in bali), usually white women don’t like east asian man more than southeast asia because the east asia man not macho enough for them, and it is the wise thing if asian man leave white woman alone before get rejected….. (don’t feel hurt, don’t think i’m racist, i’m asian male myself)…..And never protest to this fate, never say this is not fair, because this is fair and make sense, u asian male don’t need to ask why white men like asian women but why white women don’t like asian men…..even me at 15 years old already knew it……its clearly we’re not physically their taste and we’re not rich enough for them…stop posting question like that, its pathetic……i hate it if there are asian male asking like that…..have a little pride as a man, if woman don’t like, then, its fine…..just laugh hard of this funny fate, take it as a joke

    There are even white woman on the internet that told asian woman to get the fuck off of their man and just get their own man because she said simply white woman not attracted to asian man because they small and look like a kid and they can barely see their eyes, so who should white woman marry if their men go with asian woman, she also stated she don’t want black, middle east…maybe immature asian male feel a bit sad hear that, but for me, it do a bit sad but it quite hilariouz maybe because i’m quite wise, i see and accept everything that already destined….if she don’t like asian, black, middle east, the left one are latin, if she still don’t like latin, then she have to fight hard to get their white man, if white man still prefer asian woman, then she should try to be his second wife, if it is still not working then…..its a fate she should live alone…

    Personally, i think the reason asian woman like white man is because their good physicque, rich and most importanly they are attracted to the something outside their race, and no matter how good looking asian man is asian woman will always prefer white man because of the 3rd reason above…..about white man like asian woman are the same….

    About asian man, i think our style just not the white woman taste because we’re too feminine of course there are some macho too…I never think that we always have a bad looking more than white man even its true that most white man more have a good appearance than asian man at this time because of the education and nutrition they have , my idol are leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt……Me myself is very feminine guy that everybody think i’m gay, i don’t care…i think i look good….And for me asian man like takeshiro kaneshiro is very good looking, it just not top many of it and the rest are just not white woman taste…

    In conclusion its good if asian man know their position and don’t come to white woman even though u like her(once again not trying to put you down, its for ur own good, i’m not racist, i’m asian man too)…except if u have confident enough…..I’m talking bout the beautiful and popular white woman one……if u think its beyond ur reach then. . . . . . .whatever . . . .

    Honestly i never be rejected by any woman, woman like me, i’m like have a dragon pride thats why i hate being pity, i just heard and see everything through internet and tv and that was a lot so i dare to write this…..i hate it if there is asian man complaint about it, SIMPLY DISGUSTING…..Once again a man must have a pride, if woman don’t like its fine, u all just drawing pity from all races….not just for u but all asian man being pitied by all races including me that hate being pitied ….so SHUT UP and accept everything, if u think urself look good like me then u have no problem at all, u don’t care, u look good for u and its fine no matter if there are no woman like you…..

    For all asian man, sorry if i’m too hard, i just want us to have the best, of course u all don’t like being pitied do u?…..have a big heart, big laugh, accept everything…. its “yuen fen” or destiny….

    For all the white man and asian woman couple….i bless you, u have a very good looking boy or girl, and for the one that think white is better and don’t ruin it with asian, i symphaty for u because u trapped in ur own little world….And for all the other couple too, no matter its pure from their race, black man-asian woman or asian man-white woman or whatever it is….I bless u all….u all have very handsome boy and pretty girl


  76. avatar Asian Alien Man says:

    so…if white men together with asian women, white women can go with black men, black women…i heard latin men and black women love each other, latin women….white together with black men and latin women love each other…i don’t know the data but lets hope the men population are more than women so the men number are enough because no one of them like asian men….

  77. avatar mae says:

    lol, im a filipina and i dont like white or other race except ours, you know why? because personally, i think they are scary and most of my friends prefer Asian too.
    although some women like white guys, they are probably not serious or just after money and all, but not all Asian women.
    take this as an example, my mother met a Swedish, of course they had a relationship, then the guy offer marriage but my mother rejected it because she wants to have kids(the guy confesses that he cannot produce child because he was ligated).
    so in general it depends on every individual, we all have different opinions on diff. matters so for those guys that are looking for a good relationship, just get to know the girl better.
    you get my point here right

  78. avatar Ned.Kelly(catalin) says:

    Hehe…if u don’t like white then no problem!..go to musslim (midle eastern) or black males

  79. avatar mae says:

    o don’t get me wrong, i am not discriminating, i just have my own preference for a partner

  80. avatar sheilla says:

    I am Filipina , i think asian women are submissive, they tend to be a good housewife, focus in family and treat their husband very well.they like petite girls.We believed in give and take relationship. Not all asian women likes money and citizenship, because I dont like white men before i tought that they just only want sex,and either attracted to their color or eyes because what i want in a man is their respect for women…Now i met a white man, hes nice and treat me very well.

  81. avatar Night-Hawk says:

    Did you ever wonder will asian girls steal your husband?

  82. avatar OhMyGuord says:

    Asian Alien Man,
    I feel for you and yet I admire you for willing to talk straight from your heart the way you did. It takes courage and maturity and strength which I admire in a person (both male and female) which I often find lacking in Asian men. I am guessing you are well-educated too.(I am an asian female brought up in a household full of testisterone. It is not the most pleasant way of being. This is based on my own personal experience). I have met a few Asian men who are the opposite of your styreotype, usually those who have been exposed to western influence. It is respectible and admirable that you do not want pity. I solute you.
    I also hope you too will be free from the prison of your own fantasy and find the woman who loves you as you are and who you will love in return.

  83. avatar Jengriver says:

    Im a Filipina i dont like white man because what matters most to them are all about sex. I believe they only want asian beause they are submissive and white man can do whatever they want. Here in my place I always see white man being with uneducated females that needs money but i observed that they are afraid to be with educated ones becuase they know its hard to manipulate asians who are well educated.

  84. avatar Robert says:

    i realy don’t know whot this not beeing serious about meeting on the net is about i am from Australia and met my now wife on lineshe is a philippino lady and a mother of 4 children i happley call the children our children came over from Australia and married here in the philippines and now living in the Philipppines we are veary happy and sort things out by talking to each other even learning Tagalog

  85. avatar Super Love says:

    I happly married to an asian girl / lady and she is wonderful. I always liked asian females. Now, while in College White Girls would flurt but was never serious. The asian girls (not all extremely pretty) would not flurt too much but was ready to be sweet and have sex! WOW! Then moved to Asia (not giving the country) and they are suppose to be shy and traditional…break the waek shell and POP I was too busy dating … I quickly got happily married. I think it is also true that guys that failed to get together with a white girl go to aisa and find one of those… I cannot say I noticed anything bad about this.

  86. avatar Super Love says:

    I need to add that all the asian girls were educated, and I only showed interest in dating them. It was the asian girls that wanted sex EVEN THE AMERICAN BORN GIRLS!

  87. avatar Alex says:

    I am reading a lot of these and it’s funny when an Asian girl comes here and sees the variety of guys, white is white in most cases because they are of European descent, black as but black is deceiving; especially if you are Caribbean Islander like me, because then she get a guy with money, looks, accent, and exoticism as well. For its usually quite interesting, see I lived inJapan for some and have a beautiful daughter here attending Tex State. I feel these Asian white guy sites are well hilarious, and that all women when treated with the dignity and respect they deserve…will love and take care their man just as good whether they be black, white, Latino, Asian or whatever you like. Beside who wants a weak submissive woman when you can have strong solid lady to be there when you need her, because woman are tired of weak assed men like some of the dudes here!

  88. avatar James Forrestal says:

    I find Asian women who are sweet, demure and bubbly attractive but am even more attracted to the few women of my race that are this way too! Unfortunately, finding a caucasian woman that is like this is like finding a needle in a haystack!

  89. avatar Rebekah says:

    I see white guys liking asian girls and most prefered chinese. Is anyone out there like any Indian girls?? Asian Indian girls? I dont see any? I wonder why? If they do please let me know why would like to know. Pls do email me. I want to see how discribe them…

  90. avatar tom says:

    Maybe I’m different old white man. My Pinoy wife is hard a** b***h..!!! No one messes with her!!! Sure pretty, but SMART. She keeps me in line, helps me do better. A good mother and PRACTICAL. Knows how to make it when I lost my job and stayed with me. Can “kill the pig”. Not a limp wrist city girl. Stayed with me all the bad times too. So yeah, if all Asian women like her, no wonder men like them.

    I think just honestly, world is so connected, not just Asian women but all good women want good men, not just rich, and can look anywhere. Lots of white men still respect good women and will go anywhere to get one, too! Not just Asia. Have another friend at work with a good wife from Brazil. We both married over 15 years now. JMHO…

  91. avatar Jks says:

    Genetics and culture. A healthy gene pool needs diversity, so it’s very natural to be attracted towards the exotic, in this case white towards asian and vice versa. Culturally, western , particularly American culture can often warp people’s perceptions about sex and relationships, so you have men who are obsessed about sex and women who play torture mind games. Asian women seem to be more old world in that Family is everything. Not all American men only want sex. In fact, some are very idealistic and long for simpler times and a loyal loving wife to treat good and be happy with.

  92. avatar Jks says:

    rebekah, I often find Hindi girls attractive, and they can be charming and well spoken too. The girl on the tv show, big bang theory is a good example of smart sexy Hindi girl.

  93. avatar illusion says:

    interesting…i always feel down when i saw the beautiful white girls and when ever i see me as the typical malay girl….i have nothing to compare to. hmmmm well, hope you guys know that asian girls really give the top priority to relationship. so, no matter where or what situation v will faced to,v will always stick to the one. i dont know about others but i prefer to choose love instead of an attraction. love wont choose a person thru outlook or races but an attraction did…the rest, i do love the mixed kids….they are cute 🙂

  94. avatar gloria says:

    It’s interesting and never ending discussion.
    I’m an Asian woman from Indonesia.
    I don’t know the exact reason why I like white man.
    I never intend to move to another country
    but I do like mix kids. They’re so adorable.
    I think woman from Asia or from west there’s no big different nowadays. It’s depend on their character and how they raised.
    You just have to learn more about your couple before getting married

    I hope we all will find the best one to share our life with till the end

  95. avatar Yun says:

    I’m a chinese girl from Malaysia.
    Chinese look different from thai,filipino and indians ,we don’t have attractive eyes and really tall nasal bridge ,we are more “mongloloid” look (no offense,just explaining).Dating a white man seems impossible to me due to the concern of my looks.And some of us are instilled with the idea of white men mostly are not loyal in a relationship.Still I’m very fond on the caucasians!

  96. avatar tungaa says:

    hi, I live in mongolia, asia. I have a british bf. he is older than me.i love him so much coz he is very polite and respect me much more then other mongolian men whom I have dated before. why I chose an european man in my life? coz of most white men can treat the women and respect them very well that is why most asian women prefer white men. why I dont like asian, mongolian men? because most of them are rude and cruel. and they think women must be under the men and they cant respect women. most of mongolian men beat and fight their wives.so we need white men who can love us for a person.

  97. avatar tungaa says:

    anyway, I am mongolian woman.

  98. avatar Grant says:

    As a caucasian male I don’t buy in to the stereo type that an Asian woman in general would make a better mate than any other race. There are nasty Asian ladies too out there that are controlling and materialistic. I’m not into producing mixed children either, and prefer my kids look like me and my family tree. Naturally what other white males prefer is their business.

  99. avatar dorian says:

    The stereo type about Asian women never seems to go away, but it is entertaining to read some of the silly posts. One would think that all Asian women are wonderful and can be lead around with a nose ring but this is pure nonsense of course.

  100. avatar Ned_Kelly says:

    This problem is so because the most of white males are disgusted about white trash women who are not for long time real women. The white women did not have self-esteem, dignity, honor so come very often get to marry all sorts of nullity and men of other races as inferior black.And guess what?, Asian women would never do such white women.

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